Style Icons: Twiggy

Twiggy was born Lesley Hornby on September 16, 1949. She was asked by Nigel Davies to model, but gave it up after four years, saying "You can't be a clothes hanger your whole life!". As well as modelling, Twiggy starred in a production of Pygmalion, appeared on The Muppet Show (I have the episode! i.e I am lame), and is now a judge against Crazy Tyra on America's Next Top Model. Twiggy is probably a style icon for most girls, she's one of the definitive 60's girls, after all! I love that her playfulness and goofy side shows through in her photos, and obviously I still love being able to see her on ANTM!

I love. Love. LOVE her eyelashes. If only I was not so inept not only with mascara but with fake eyelashes as well! I think these photos are gorgeous, very reminiscent of the 1920's film stars. Also - I love that style of hat.

I think these are some of the cutest Twiggy photos ever! I especially love the first one, of course Twiggy could look adorable in a man's suit! Like I said before, I think that she is adorable and that the models that aren't afraid to be a bit goofy are a LOT more interesting than the models who just try to look alluring and sultry all the time.

I kind of am in love with this outfit. I almost bought a pair of fringed boots today just because they reminded me of this picture. I think that (with a little less fringing) it would be a perfect summer music festival outfit. If only I could arrive at music festivals (or anywhere, really) looking so glamourous and getting off my own private jet!

And these two photos show some awesome 60's fashions. The last one is my favourite not only because of the cute dress but also because of those earrings! They are fabulous!

What do you think of Twiggy?



  1. I love Twiggy too! Yesssssss, disco ball earrings! :D I think it's awesome seeing her on top model, she still looks the same I think. She should cut her hair short again :D

  2. I love her, she looked amazing then, and even looked amazing when on Next Top Model! And her eyelashes were stunning.

  3. she's such a fantastic woman!!

  4. I too like to see her on ANTM (though I always forget to watch it and have no idea what's going on the next time I watch, usually it's a completely different cycle) and OWNING MUPPET SHOW IS NOT LAME! Is awesome. :) I might go watch some Muppety gold now, actually.

  5. Ahh She is just perfection in teeny form. I love her!

  6. Em - I think she should cut her hair again too, it's iconic! I don't know how I feel about the pigtails... aww, she can pull it off though!
    amanda - they're mostly from foto_decadent & just from Google!
    dapper kid - I have serious Twiggy eyelash envy! Argh and her make up is stunning!
    pony - She is! I love your blog by the way :)
    Monster Girl - There was a great episode of the Muppet Show with Pierce Brosnan in the height of his 007 fame fighting off lobster puppets, I wish I could find it!
    Miss Karen - Words. cannot. express. I love her!

  7. OMG yes, she had great style!

  8. Twiggy is amazing. So beautiful. & the dresses... so very chic & cute & ... belong in my wardrobe?

  9. I think Twiggy has a great look even though she really really was terribly thin and sadly was a major role model for the skinny ideal to follow...


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