"Love yourself, cutie!"

I found this exercise from Flowers on Fire on Gem's blog and decided to do it! I never really wrote an introductory post on myself so maybe you will find out something new!

“Write a little post about yourself. The amazing, beautiful things about you. The individual things about you. The real you. The one you sometimes hide to avoid embarrassment. The one who is in love with everything and doesn’t compare themselves to others. The one who laughs and lets go, who cries and holds on. Write a piece about yourself to make yourself and others fall in love with you all over again.”

My middle name is Louise. I am really, really, really messy. I love buying flowers but always forget to put water in them. I would probably spend my last $10 on a magazine and an ice coffee. I used to live in Bunbury, which is a little country town about 2 hours south of Perth. I now live in an apartment in Como by myself, and I love it. Most people say they would hate living by themselves, but I like having my own space to unwind at the end of the day and the thought of living with other people kind of doesn't appeal to me!

I love comedy, and have so many stand-up comedy DVDs that I've lost count. It doesn't interest me as a career though (as people assume - only based on the number of DVDs, not because I'm hilariously witty or anything), I want to be a journalist for Rolling Stone. I am very proud of my book and music collections. My favourite author is Oscar Wilde and my favourite music group are the Cure. I put on The B52's to cheer myself up and dance around my living room. I would rather be too cold than too hot.

I would love to dye my hair a bright purple but I can't work up the nerve. I never want to have a 9-5 office job. I don't really like clubbing, and rarely go out for anything other than music gigs. I like meeting new people but I'm not very good at making friends (which I want to do, because I am in that awkward state where you've left school and haven't had to make new friends for the past six or seven years so it's a new and terrifying thing!). I hate the smell of hospitals. I would love to be able to a) be naturally good at drawing and other arty things, b) be able to speak fluent French and c) be a forensic psychologist. It's my dream job (other than journalist, of course!).
Well, I could go on (and on and on and on - waffling is one of my skills), but I would much rather hear about you!
Love yourself, cutie!


  1. great post, Tara! i love learning new things about people :)

  2. I'm really enjoying these posts, it's great learning about the people behind my favourite blogs! Mine is here: http://sparkleandglitter.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/love-yourself/ :)

  3. I love your version Tara. I did one too. Mine's not as nice..haha. Hey, I know how you feel on the friend front. Remember if you ever want a friend I'm in Perth, and equally shy & awkward :)

  4. That was lovely. I will be your friend, of course I am nowhere near Perth, but net-friends count too, right?

    I might do one too soon. :)

  5. gem - thank YOU for doing it! I wouldn't have known about it otherwise :)
    sparkleandglitter - yay! I love these kinds of posts!
    em - I will take you up on that! :D
    monster girl - Of course they count! *starts weaving intricate friendship bracelet*

  6. Awww.. I loved this, as well as Gem's & Vixel's post - it's so lovely to learn more about you awesome girls, and love yourselves you should - you're all fabulous!

  7. Awesome post Tara! It was lovely reading more about you and if your ever near Melbourne, we can listen to The Cure all night long. :D

  8. miss_corrine - Thank you! You're too sweet! ♥
    miss karen - Hehe awesome! Well I am planning to come to Melbourne soon so we must indluge in some Cure goodness!

  9. Ohhh i am flippin' in love with Arj!!!

  10. Haha I was wondering when someone would recognise him! I LOVE HIM TOO! He is coming back to Perth soon :D:D:D:D


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