I am a Twit.

I have finally joined the world of Twitter and I must say it's pretty darn addictive! It remains to be seen how successful I am at updating it, I am rather lazy even with Facebook updates. If you want to "follow" me, then do so here. Please let me know if you have one, I am pretty voyeuristic in that way.
(So that probably doesn't warrant a post all of its own, but not much else has been happening with my sociology-studying self - it is exam time for me! I hope you are having a more interesting week!)


  1. I'm following you! (alibell)

  2. Hooray, I'm following you, too! :D I get so excited when some of my favourite bloggers (such as yourself!) join Twitter, because it allows me to keep up to date with their blogs so much easier!

  3. I was really into Twitter when I first got it, but my interest has went way down now. I just don't have that many friends who have it or I'm sure I would love it also!

  4. following you xx ... i'm treslola on twitter. just saw your tweet re 'sachsgate' ... effing insanity wasn't it? i can't BELIEVE all the drama over that! ha. anyways - just thought i'd say hi :)

  5. Yay I'm following you too!

  6. miss corrine - first of all, thank you! :D & second, yeah, I read a post on Nubbytwiglet.com and it said how useful a team it could be for bloggers!
    holly anne - Not many people I know in real life use it, but lots of bloggers I admire do (and Stephen Fry!!!) so hopefully that will keep my interest!
    katie - I'm in a few Russell Brand communities on Livejournal, which is how I found out how CRAZY it was over in the UK! I couldn't believe it even made headlines in Australia, since he's not really a big name here yet!
    miss karen - yay! :D

  7. I'm following you now! Seems so stalkerish to say that :P


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