Happy Halloween!

So this post is a little late going up, but I have a Halloween party tonight (I don't want to give away my costume without photographic evidence but rest assured it is AWESOME and there will be photos soon), and I think it is technically All Soul's Day or All Saint's Day today.... so there!

If you have a Halloween hangover and more than a little lust for bloodthirstiness and gore than let me appease and show you my favourite scary movies! MWAHAHA! (When I was making this, I noticed that almost all the movies on the list are pretty old. Oh well, I hope that they can still terrify without the use of computers and all those fancy special effects.)

5. Dawn of the Dead (original)
If you like gore, and want to see where B-grade horror movies originated (in my opinion), then this is the movie for you! I haven't seen the remake but this one is gross enough! I think the special effects are still pretty good for something made in 1978.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (original)
OK, so not the WHOLE movie (which is one of my favourites!) but this bit was pretty creepy! I remember when I did drama at school, we had to watch this movie for some reason or other, and my teacher fast-forwarded this bit because she was too scared to watch it.

3. Rosemary's Baby
This is a pretty slow-paced movie, and is definitely more eerie than downright thrilling. But Rosemary and her damn baby still give me the creeps.

2. The Shining
This movie was incredibly freaky to me! Although I think "Heeeere's Johnny!" has been done enough times to kind of take away the freakiness when I watch the movie. Even though I've seen this a lot (what kind of a freak am I?), it still gets me a little nervous each time! Stanley Kubrick, I ♥ you.

1. The Ring
SCARY. I think I slept with the lights on for about two weeks and didn't watch TV or video. Thankfully the concept of VHS is on the way out.

Oh, and in case now you are looking around nervously and planning to sleep with all the lights on and with a knife under your pillow/spatula next to your bed/blunt tools laid strtegically around the house, then I leave you with this:

Did Lego just get about a million times cooler?


  1. Lego rocks! I think there's something wrong with me, I'm terrified of scary movies now- but when I was a kid, like of 5 & 6, my favourite movies were It & the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Why in god's name did my parents let me watch those anyway!? Looking forward to pics of your costume!

  2. LOL at the last video!!!! It's so cool :D

    I love all the films you've mentioned - I'd also go for Suspiria for some blood, guts and unnecessary nudity :)

  3. lol at the lego shining video :D

  4. I LOVE The Shining! The Lego is awesome.

  5. em - AUGHH! You watched 'It' without clawing your eyes out in terror? When you were SIX? I watched it when I was 16 and it FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT.
    miss karen - You had me at senseless nudity! I will have to check it out.
    gem & wendyb - It's awesome, isn't it? There were heaps on Youtube, like Lego Dark Knight! But this one was my favourite.

  6. Sweet jesus! The ring left me afraid of my shadow *during the day!* Puke. Too scary for this delicate flower.;)


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