What I Wore 5.10.08

My eye has stopped randomly getting itchy and puffy - a combination of hayfever and SPIDER ATTACK 2008. Unfortuantly I did not wake up like this:
Only like this:
Cardigan: Jay Jays//Dress: Jay Jays//Scarf: Chip Chop for Sportsgirl//Shoes: Zu//Ring: Burlesque show
Today Boy & I went into the city to try and find a birthday present for his sister but instead bought... lots of other stuff. He did much better than I did, I only bought this Ben Sherman top from David Jones:
So I admit I did not wear these shoes all day. I don't think they have been on the blog before, and they should be because they are my biggest bargain ever! They were $25 down from $100 from Zu and although they are a teeeeeny bit too big I wear them pretty much every time I go out.
Anyway that (and working on a presentation, but no one wants to hear about that) was my weekend! Thank you to everyone who left makeup recommendations, it was very much appreciated!


  1. Oh I was busting to buy that Ben Sherman top! But I'm so broke now that I just have to wait for a potential sale...

    I love your shoes though - they look gorgeous. And I hope you eye has settled down for good!

  2. gorgeous outfit! love the shoes and the dress :)

  3. miss karen - it is on sale! I got it for $35 at David Jones. They only had a few sizes left though, this one is a large and I fear it is a tad roomy.
    gem - thankyou lovely! x

  4. cute outfit, & i love those shoes!

  5. The Ben Sherman shirt looks awesome. Nice Zu bargain shoes (in any size) are rare gems! Your's look lovely.

  6. Love your outfit, you look gorgeous :)

  7. amanda - AHH YOU'RE BACK! yaaay!
    strikematch - thank you! i haven't really figured out how to style the shirt yet, but when i do there will be pictures!
    miss corrine - thank you, you are too kind :)


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