What I Wore 28.10.08

Sorry for a looong absence but it's the end of uni so very busy unfortuantly! Last night I had a little break though, and went to see THE DANDY WARHOLS! They're one of my favourite bands so it was so good to see them live. They were FANTASTIC and of course Courtney Taylor Taylor is mighty fine so that's always a plus! I was pretty surprised that they played for nearly three hours, and a great range of songs - I was a bit worried that they would only play their new album but they played all the way back to their first album.

Here's what I wore (photos tinted in keeping with the psychedelic theme):

Dress: Coo Ca Choo//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Tights: Equip (I can always tell the Equip ones because they go up really high and are therefore super comfy!)//Shoes: I ♥ Billy (WHAT A SURPRISE)

I like the second one, it looks like I am floating underwater!

Is it wrong to wear a Brian Jonestown Massacre shirt to a Dandy Warhols gig? I would say it was at least a bit cheeky to say the least. I saw some people wearing them and while I love BJM... HAVE YOU NOT SEEN DiG!.

To make up for this little blogger's absence, here's a picture of aforementioned Dandy Warhols lead singer extraordinaire.



  1. YAY i have been waiting for you to update ALL DAY! you look lovely :)
    don't think i'm coming to journo tomorrow cos i have too much work to do so we have to catch up next week ok!
    ummm oh yes grates were awesome except i kept getting elbowed in the head so can't wait to see them at southbound & their opener was SO SO AWESOME. they're called the john steel singers & i bought their ep i loved them so much. i shall send it to you- they are a little bit vampire weekend but a bit more acoustic, if that makes sense.
    ummmm i forgot what else i wanted to tell you! xox

  2. That dress is amazing!

  3. gorgeous dress! i really want a dress or top with a peter pan collar like that. they're really hard to find though.

  4. amanda - I don't know if I'll go either, still have to write up stupid lecture notes! ARGHHHHH
    sparkleandglitter - It's actually red :P I like it better purple and green!
    gem - I know! It took me ages to find this but it was on sale... it was meant to come with a belt though but didn't :(

  5. Haha I'd think most people would be supporting BJM at the Dandies gig because of Dig! I'm not a fan of the Dandies (my allegiance lies with the BJM) but I was slightly bummed that I couldn't go to the melbourne gig (ticket prices were a rip off). I love your outfit pics - the second one does look underwater! :D

  6. Dandy warhols, awesome! I love your dress too, I was meaning to tell you that in a previous post- a girl at my work has it too, she wore it to a work do earlier in the year and I was so lusting over it!

  7. miss karen - I didn't see DiG until this year, when I was already a full-fledged Dandys fan, so that may have altered my perception of it, haha!
    em - I lusted after it for MONTHS and finally bought it on sale! I hardly ever wear it though, even at the Dandys gig I was way overdressed (compared to the rest of the crowd, not by my standards :P)

  8. I saw the DW's about 5 years ago at Pop Scene (San Fran). Brent and Zia were soooo nice and after the show, they insisted in helping me track down Courtney and Peter for their autographs as well. <3 their music and them!

  9. Ahh you're so lucky! Zia seemed really cool, everyone went crazy whenever she sang!


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