What I Wore 2.10.08

Sorry for the poor quality pictures but my sister went off to her exam before I could ask her to take any pictures for me! I am not sure how I feel about these tights. Mainly I am hoping they are not tights that are from my old school uniform, although my primary school outfit was blue, so I doubt I would still fit into stockings from that era. But still. Also my high school uniform was green so this shirt is one of the few times I have voluntarily worn green in the past... seven years (five years plus the two years I've been out of school, I wasn't kept back twice!). Does anyone else subconciously avoid the colour of their old school uniform?

Cardigan: Jay Jays//Badges: From a stall at Splendour in the Grass which I can't remember the name of but wish I could because it was so cute!//Shirt: Target (it's my sister's)//Skirt: I said it was Bluejuice in the last post it was in but it is actually Quirky Circus! Whoops!//Tights: Myer//Shoes: I ♥ Billy

This afternoon I am off to get my hair cut (!! I haven't decided how yet, it will either be this long but layered or really short) and to do some shopping. Hopefully I will get some new jeans because my Cotton On ones are literally ripping apart at the seams and also give me a bad case of carrot legs.

Also is anyone else quite underwhelmed by this year's Big Day Out lineup? I will probably still go because I want to see Neil Young, The Ting Tings and TV on the Radio. Then again last year I didn't think the lineup was spectacular and loved all the bands I went to see anyway.


  1. i love the tee shirt and badges. i think there is an I love Billy sale sometime soon...actually here are the deets .

    When: Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th,
    Friday 10th & Saturday 11th October
    Where: 100 Cromwell Street Collingwood VIC
    Website: www.ilovebilly.com.au
    Times: 9am - 5pm
    Payment: Cash, EFTPOS, Visa & Mastercard

  2. I thought the BDO line up was blerrghh as well - I'm sticking to a TVOTR sideshow :D

  3. a dreamer - argh all the good sales are always over east! thank you for the info though!
    miss karen - like the good sales, all the good sideshows are usually over east! but i will have my eyes peeled (ugh, i hate that expression) for sideshows in perth.

  4. cute outfit! love the cardigan and badges.

    just had a look at the big day out lineup, and yep, it's pretty shit. the only band i'd bother going for is Prodigy... but i'm not paying $100 just to see them.

  5. Ooh! Can't wait to see the haircut! I gave mine a much needed trim today.

  6. gem - I KNOW. it's been a pretty crap line-up for the last three years or so, in my opinion. I might save my money for the Blues & Roots festival (I'm not sure what that's called over east!)
    annie - the haircut's not radically different, just some layers & a fringe. It feels a bit more "done" now, before I was growing it out so it was all one layer and looked kind of basic on me!


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