What I Wore 20.10.08

As I mentioned in the previous post, this past weekend I was in Bunbury. I thought I would have plenty of time for blogging and such but unfortuantly 17 people staying in the one house does not allow much time for taking photos! Because two of these people were under five (and whom I usually see twice a week when I look after them), I am also quite sleep deprived!

Boy & I were there to see my family in a play. I've seen my sister in lots of stuff (and she is excellent!) but it was a bit weird seeing my parents (yes, both of them) up there too! They were all very good though so lots of love to the Lloyd family ♥

I was kind of grumpy when I got to uni, not least because this morning I had one of those horribly girly moments where I decided I hated everything in my wardrobe and now it is all on a heap in the floor. This is what I deemed worthy enough to leave the house in:

Shirt: American Apparel//Skirt: op-shop//Shoes: Isabella Brown//Necklace: Diva

I spent this afternoon lazing around listening to Cat Power and eating baked ricotta cheese, so it has been nice and relaxing. Deceptively so, as I have about a trillion assignments due... the end of the uni year is week after next!
I hope your weekend was good, if you are in Perth I will be amazed if you haven't been reduced to a big puddle of sweat.


  1. ugh, i hate those days. both my sister & i had one on saturday night!

    god i know, how sticky was it! i couldn't even face heels today, so i'm impressed that you managed it, & look very as well!

    i have to say, you didn't miss much at the op-shop today, i only came away with a hot pink t-shirt, a few belts & a couple of cute bags.. none of which i was wanting when i went in! haha.

  2. Big puddle o' sweet right here homie! Love your shoes, they are awesome!

  3. LOVE the shoes and the skirt is pretty cool :)

  4. Those days are definitely the worst, but you ended up looking great :) Love the shoes!

  5. haha i've been doing that a lot lately (hating everything i own), it's quite frustrating! i think it's sweet that so many of your family members were acting together :) what play was it?

  6. amanda - aww, that sucks. I thought that op-shop was like the Holy Grail of op-shops!
    em - thank you! I love them so much!
    dapper kid - it's the first time I've worn it, I think the print makes it hard to match with stuff.
    sparkleandglitter - that's so nice of you to say! Always nice to have a little sympathy on I-have-nothing-to-wear-days!
    kirstie - I can't remember the name, it was a musical one though! I am totally the black sheep of my family when it comes to singing and acting and all that jazz.

  7. go on a diet plz....

  8. I have those moments all the time :( But you still looked cute!

    I was listening to Cat Power this morning too!

    I'm so upset that you've got such lovely weather - I'm wearing two jackets, 2 tops and a scarf and I'm still a little chilly. I hate Melbourne.

  9. I love your shoes, they're fantastic! :)

  10. miss karen - thank you! I guess it's a case of grass is greener because I wish it was just a touch colder here!
    miss corrine - thank you! I should have waited, the Sex and the City ripoffs are everywhere for much cheaper now!


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