What I Wore 17.10.08

Sorry for no post yesterday, but I was working on the mother of all sociology essays. Sociology can ROT IN HELL. And I couldn't take a photo I was happy with and what I was wearing wasn't really that spectacular. Plus it got a lot hotter during the day than it was when I got dressed so when I got home I just wanted to get changed.

But, today I am in a much more cheery mood! Probably because:
a) the weather is beautiful and it's making me excited about summer
b) I had a very good iPod shuffle playlist on the way home
c) I got two wedges joined at the tip (like a conjoined twin wedge!) in my chips at lunch at uni. I considered taking a photo... but ate it instead.
d) I am now listening to my Bruce Springsteen $6 record! I have a soft spot for Bruce and his undeniably cheesy 80's rock.
e) I am also drinking a gin and tonic. Yum yum.
f) And this morning Amanda dropped off a whole stack of Babysitter's Club books for me to read! Yaaay I love you Amanda! ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway... this is what I had on today (minus the ears, they're just for fun):

Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Jacket: Rebirth//Tights: ?//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Cat ears: A gift shop in Perth

Also, my right wrist looks freakily thin in the first picture. WHY? I am perplexed.

My best friend and I bought these cat ears before we went to the Cure concert last year (Lovecats, geddit?) and they DIDN'T EVEN PLAY LOVECATS. So we looked like fools. Until one guy yelled out "Hey, lovecats!" when we were walking back to the car afterwards.

Here we are with matching ears, shirts and... haircuts (although that was unintentional and I just noticed it then!). Man my hair used to be long, I wish it would grow!

Well I will be in Bunbury for tomorrow night, watching various family members perform in a play (NO WE ARE NOT THE VON TRAPPS) so next fun-filled post will be on Sunday night!




  1. hahaha cuuute. gin & tonic, i am jealous! i'm at work :( i am soo excited to start reading mine too! & i love your hair this length i think it looks super pretty!

  2. Yay for cat ears and gin! I'm rather jealous about the BSC books! I haven't read one of those in years!

  3. Mmmmmm...conjoined twin wedge. Yum. Love your hoodie, and how the frick could they not play lovecats? That's a disgrace! Speaking of dodgy 80's rock, I'm listening to Journey right now, haha!

  4. cute! i love the jacket :)

  5. Yum G&T's! I love a bit of Bruce too and isn't it the best when the little man in your ipod plays all the right songs?

    Your outfit is absolutely cute as! I love the cat ears :)

  6. amanda - thank you! I'm trying to decide whether to cut it or let it grow, tough choice argh!
    sparkleandglitter - Haha I hadn't either until a couple of weeks ago! But once I started I got all nostalgic and now I want more!
    em - I KNOW! My friend & I were thinking it would be their finale/encore but NOTHING! Oh and JOURNEY? I love you!
    gem - thank you! I hardly ever wear it though :(
    miss karen - who doesn't love a bit of Bruce? Honestly! And thank you, I do love me some cat ears!

  7. Ohh i love that coat!! (your blog as well!)

  8. Awwww, you look so cute! Love the ears :)

  9. jules - thanks so much! :)
    miss corrine - hehe thank you? Maybe I should incorporate them into my everyday wear? :P

  10. Look at those cute ears - I think you should wear them out of the house!

    I have that hoodie too - check it:


  11. Hehe I remember that post! The jacket isn't a favourite of Boy's either... must try it with the leather boots sometime :P


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