What I Wore 10.10.08

Today I am handing in ANOTHER journalism article (my last one for the year!). This one is about clothes swap parties being promoted as a part of National Recycling Week. I had no idea that writing about National Recycling Week would lead me to writing about swap parties instead, so I was pretty happy! I interviewed one of the lovely ladies from the Clothing Exchange, and it was all really interesting to see it from an environmental point of view as opposed to just a fashion one.

I may also be purchasing a certain sparkly dress, usually when I hand in an assignment on time I buy myself something... it's a sort of incentive because last year I handed in assignments really really late all the time. Naughty!

Top: Jay Jays//Skirt: Supre//Shoes: Zoom//Sunglasses: Sportsgirl

I wear this skirt much too often, I know! I bought it last year, I had seen it for about $30 but didn't want to spend that much on something from Supre. Then I went back one day and it was $7! You would think that would teach me that the turnaround in chain stores is incredibly fast and to wait, but no. I usually buy something on the spot.

I am so in love with these sunglasses. I really wanted round ones, I actually wanted John Lennon shaped ones but when I saw these ones I fell in love! You can't really tell in the photos but the lenses are tinted a bit pink. They are my new favourite thing in the whole wide world ♥

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday night, I will probably be at home writing essays! Boo!




  1. love your outfit! gorgeous skirt :)

  2. That's uncanny. I wore a Supre skirt with exactly the same purchasing history as yours today. i guess its the way to shop there.

  3. the sunnies look great on you & i love the outfit! also, that is such an awesome story idea, i think it will get published for sure!

  4. gem - thank you! I felt a bit La Dolce Vita today :P
    lavender - I'm surprised at how long it's lasted, I haven't bought much Supre in the past year but what I have bought has fallen apart in a couple of months! The skirt is still in great condition, thank goodness!
    amanda - I just hope that I pass journalism at the moment really! Getting it published is just a bonus!

  5. Love the top and the skirt looks fab! Good luck with the article :)

  6. Thanks, I had to write it in a day! I am so very unorganised.

  7. The sunglasses look great on you!

  8. Love the outfit, oh and I also have the navy dress in your previous post, I love it, it's my fave! I adore the neckline on it :)

  9. annie - thank you! I think I might have to become a lady of sunglasses now and have 100 million different pairs I wear to lounge around and drink G&T by the pool. Haha!
    em - ohh awesome! What do you wear yours with? I find it a bit hard to style sometimes, but I love the shape of it so much. And I LOVE the name of your blog :)

  10. Love, love, LOVE your outfit! You look fabulous!


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