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I need help, dear readers! I am pretty clueless when it comes to makeup, in fact it's only this year that I have started wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner on an almost daily basis (instead of just for special occasions). At the moment I have some excellent eyeliner and eyeshadow quads from Sportsgirl (although I know they're obviously not the best quality), but I need some serious help when it comes to the basics - foundation, concealer, blush & mascara. Could you oblige me and tell me what you use?

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  1. I'm fairly clueless when it comes to make-up myself! But I'll try telling you what I use. For concealer, I find it so difficult to find a colour match, but finally found some Body Shop stuff which I use under the eyes. I don't wear foundation, I use powder instead (Maxfactor stuff that I nab from my mother!), but that's just personal preference. Mascara, Maybelline great lash is wonderful I think! Hope that helps a bit, have fun experimenting!

  2. The main thing with blush is to find something that doesn't have any mineral oil in it, because it's bad for your skin.

    I'm a fan of Revlon Colorstay foundation and concealer, and Rimmel mascara.

  3. The best foundation I have found is Prestige Skin Loving Minerals powder foundations. It's incredible, i don't even have to use concealer under my eyes when i use this. Plus it's actually good for your skin. This is their website: http://www.prestigecosmetics.com.au/minerals.html
    I use Clinique mascara, it's expensive but it doesn't clump and looks really nice.

  4. For mascara, I'd go for YSL volume effet faux cils (what I use) but that's a bit exxy ($51) so my next choice would be Max Factor 2000 Calorie. For concealer, I'd go for Jemma Kidd 2 tone concealer or Benefit concealer but again if you want something cheaper, L'oreal has a great concealer called Touche Magique. Foundation is a bit tricky, I use Too Faced foundation but I find that a lot of the cheaper brands have horrible foundation.

  5. Thanks for your help guys! I am going shopping today (with my David Jones gift card in tow) so I will be sure to check these out!

  6. I use Mary Kay foundation (cheap but good) or Lancome (bloody exxy). Mary Kay stuff is great if you can deal with the pushy sales ladies ringing you up every fortnight demanding you buy more stuff!


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