Style Icons: Ms Frizzle

I used to love the Magic School Bus books when I was younger, and I remember having a computer version of the story when they go inside the human body. I watched it so much that when, in year one, we were asked to name body parts and other kids were going "eye, "arm", "ear" etc, my precocious six year old self yelled out "OESOPHAGUS!" My teacher was a bit surprised I knew what it was, although I don't think she found out that it was because of the teachings of Ms Frizzle! What about her outfits, you say? Well in the words of the lady herself...

I am digging any dress which features the solar system. I know that there is a Tina Kalivas dress that has some kind of planetary theme, but I'm pretty sure that this dress probably was in conjunction with a story about space exploration.

I could totally see some avant-garde designer sending this down the runway (forget the matching kid's version, I don't think I ever liked the blonde character anyway!). Never mind that Supre (sigh) has already put out singlets with a ribcage on it, have they ever tried a whole DRESS?

If I was ever a science teacher, this dress is all I would ever wear. Really. Did you notice that even her shoes have stars? I hope they're meant to be star buckles or something and not just meant to represent how shiny her shoes are. Anyway. Who am I kidding? I want to wear this all the time and I am definitely NOT a science teacher (I barely passed human biology).

I am not sure what type of lizard-thing her pet is. And how about her dress? I thought that block of cheese was a slice of pizza at first, when I saw it was cheese I was disappointed. She makes up for it by having a hamburger (I think?) near her armpit.
And, finally, a dress featuring volcanos. Judging by the cascading lava on the wall, I would hazard a guess that they a volcano. And possibly the Tardis... I don't remember the School Bus having all that electronic equipment.
The Magic School Bus must have been around since the 80's, because I found something about her in BSC #40, Claudia and the Middle School Mystery. Enjoy this VISUAL FEAST.
"I decided to do a Miss Frizzle. Do you know who Miss Frizzle is? She's a character in this great kids' series - the Magic School Bus books. Miss Frizzle is a wacky teacher who takes her class on amazing class trips - like, would you believe, inside the human body!
Anyway, you must be wondering what this has to do with what I was going to wear. Well, here's the thing. Ms. Frizzle is the wildest dresser I have ever seen! She always wears these coordinated outfits. In Inside the Human Body, she wears a dress with eyes and ears and noses all over it. And her shoes have - you guessed it - tongues!
I decided that my theme for the day would be The Sea. I put on a blue skirt with brightly coloured tropical fish printed all over it. Then I put on a green blouse. I figured that could represent seaweed or something. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, over to one side, and I pinned it with a sand-dollar barrette I made last summer".


  1. The science teacher dress is awesome. I used to have a demo for a Magic Schoolbus game, it involved a beach, but that's all I really remember.

  2. you're right, that Frizzle is one stylish character. I would steal her wardrobe in a heartbeat.

  3. oh my lord, i remember that outfit of claudia's! & that's not even one of the books i've read recently.. hmm, maybe it's from what claudia wore. anyway, super cute post!

  4. annie - Thank you! I wanted to find the human body dress but alas, no luck.
    sparkleandglitter - Haha, I could only imagine beachwear Frizzle-style!
    monster girl - Me too!
    amanda - I think it was on there a while ago. I just loved the description! If only I had more themed clothing.

  5. MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I got so excited as soon as I saw that first pic of Ms Frizzle! I loved her! I had the computer game too, it was awesome :) I always loved her crazy dresses!

  6. Ah, I love them! :D

  7. Oh god, a trip down memory lane! I used to watch this cartoon show on public television alllll the time. That and "Wishbone."


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