Style Icons: Betty and Veronica

When I was younger I never really got into video games and comics - except for Archie comics! I used to love the Betty and Veronica Digest (or if I was lucky, the double digest!). I still have quite a few lurking around my bookshelf (next to the likes of A Confederancy of Dunces and The Rules of looks a bit odd). Although now that I think about it, it was probably unhealthy to teach a young girl that two girls could, in fact, date the same boy with no broken hearts but instead hilariously cute mishaps occuring!
But as well as their Big Love view on relationships, one of the best parts was the clothes. I still can't really make up my mind as to which girl I like better!

As I'm sure you remember if you read the comics, Veronica is the spoiled, rich princessy type. I actually think that she was the one Archie preferred, to be honest!
One of my favourite Veronica stories was when she had an argument with Cheryl Blossom about who was richer, and said such gems like "You can't possibly have a car that doesn't match your nail polish!"
I think that her style is influenced by the ever-so-decadent 70's and 80's - lots of bright colours, always dripping with jewelery, and a wardrobe that could compete with Cher from Clueless.
I think that if she were a real person she would probably wear the likes of YSL, Roberto Cavalli, Zimmerman, and vintage Chanel jewellery.

Betty, on the other hand, is everything that Veronica isn't - kind, sweet, considerate, very housewifey. No coincidence that she shares her name with Betty Crocker. Although she's the one who really loves Archie, she usually can only lure him back from Veronica with home-baked cookies (!) or by knitting him sweaters (!!). So, clearly, you can win back the boy of your dreams by performing traditional housewife duties!
Obviously, then, much of the inspiration for her style comes from the early 50's.
One of the other big contrasts between the two was that while Veronica was rich, Betty was not, so I think that if she was a real person she would probably go for vintage clothes and possibly a smattering of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Alannah Hill.

This one outlines the differences in their style and the 70's/50's inspiration pretty clearly, in my opinion. I do like Veronica's speech bubble - "This dress is too tight to move in!" Been there, my friend.
Love Veronica's little mod outfit here. I do wish that I could see what Betty was yelling to give them such a shocked look on their face.
If you remember, Archie, Betty and Veronica were in a band imaginatively titled The Archies - which turned into a real-life band, remember "Sugar... oh honey, honey"? I have to say that I do love both the outfits here and I think that there is a Karen Walker dress kind of similar to the one Betty is wearing out at the moment. And did you see Betty's adorable little shoes?
This is actually the cover of one of the comics I have, hehe! I'm not going to lie, I would wear that Marc Jacobs-inspired dress that Veronica has on in a heartbeat. Betty's outfit, not so much, but only because it reminds me of some fashion spreads in Girlfriend magazine circa 2002.



  1. I'm sure I remember once finding a competition in the back of an archie comic to design an outfit for betty or veronica, and they'd put the winning outfit in the comic. I found it years after the contest had finished, though. sad.

  2. Great blog missy, I always loved Bety & Veronica! Apparently the Veronica's named themselves after the comic. I always like Veronica better but I was always rooting for Archie to choose Betty. Can't forget Jughead..haha!

  3. I have to say I've never been into the Archie comics but I think I'll have to start looking into them now!

  4. ali - Ohh that would be awesome! I saw one like that but it was for one of the characters in another comic, Katy something - she was a detective/model/journalist (I can't really remember!)
    em - HA Jughead! I think out of all the characters I am most like him. Haha. And I always wanted Archie to end up with Betty too!
    miss karen - You should! Was it the mod outfit that drew you in? :)

  5. I wonder how the artists dream up these outfits... It's almost like fashion design, almost kind of sort of.

  6. Aw I always loved the Archie comics too! Every time we walked past a newsagent, my brother and I would race to the back of the store, and read as much as we could before our parents got too far away... I loved the way the two girls would manage to be friends while both trying to get Archie.

    And who can forget Reggie's endless attempts at trying to woo Veronica?

  7. I only ever read an Archie comic once, when I was bored in Detroit airport waiting for a connecting flight - they don't sell them in the UK as far as I'm aware.

    This makes me want to find it again!

  8. annie - Hmm, now that you mention it, I wonder too! It would be a pretty cool job to have!
    liv - I did the same thing! I remember on one holiday I would go to the newsagent, read a comic, then leave without buying it haha. I always liked Reggie for some reason, even though he was kind of an asshole!
    sparkleandglitter - Really? I can't believe they don't sell them there! Once I found a vintage one at my grandma's house, it was the best!

  9. Oh gosh I love Betty and Veronica!

    What a great post. I think I have an Archie comic lying around somewhere.

    Betty or Veronica is always my pretend name if I for ever reason need a fake name.

  10. You can't possibly have a car that doesn't match your nail polish!" - ahahah.
    I havent read much of the archie comics but I have read around 5 issues lying around my local library... very entertaining! Maybe I'll go back and look at them now for the fashion side.

  11. stompface - haha, that's awesome! I must remember that. If I ever need a fake name.
    a dreamer - I think they also said something like:
    "My daddy just bought a $10,000 mink coat for his Porsche."
    "Oh, does the poor dear not have heating in there?"
    "He does, he just had it cut up and put in as carpeting. Daddy can't live without mink carpet!"

  12. haha awww i love these! i still have all mine floating around somewhere. oh & in the last week or so i have read like 10+ babysitter's club books.. hehe.

  13. looks really funny but unfortunately i don't know them =/

    xoxo melmo

  14. Great post! I LOVE the Archie comics. I actually called my two cats in Zimbabwe Archie and Betty, and our dog was Reggie (and we had a goldfish called Jughead)! I may have to write my own post on my bizarre obsession.

    I have to say, Betty was my favourite of the two girls ... but that won't come as a surprise, I'm a fifties gal.

  15. amanda - haha, me too! They do only take about 15 minutes to read (or less)... but I love them!
    melmo - you should check them out, if only for the kitsch factor!
    a cat of impossible colour - ohh I'm so jealous of your pet names, that's awesome! & I can definitely tell you are a Betty gal :)

  16. I love Betty and Veronica & their stylish colourful clothes!
    Feel free to drop by & hope to hear from you too dear...

  17. hehhe LOVEEEEEEEEED IT! My parents were quite disapproving of my gigantic collection of Archie comics. I was a big reader & they thought that these were just too trashy for my burgeoning imagination, bless!

    Archie was always going to like Veronica more because she was always playing hard to get and changing her mind going for Reggie & other rich boys. Want what you can't have! Whereas Betty's affection never waned, so he knew he could have her whenever he wanted & she was thus less interesting.

    Haha. I wonder if Archie took both their virginities? How sordid.


  18. lenorenevermore - thanks, love your name!
    kittentails - dude, have you seen the first picture? Archie is totally propositioning a threesome. And Betty is for it.


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