Look at them! Look at them shine!

So I ended up buying the glittery, sequiny, unabashedly-flashy mini-dress!
It's by Cooper St and was $34.95 down from $129!! AND I had a gift card so it was technically free... kind of...
The blue glittery shoes are by Zu and the white boots are by Switch.
These are my DiscHo pictures, don't worry, the dress and the shoes will never be paired unless I am dressing up as a mirrorball (or disco trash) for whatever reason.



  1. yay, it looks lovely on you! & SUCH a bargain, well done. it looks awesome with the boots too.
    & omg that reminds me i have been craving a sequin mini ever since i saw a girl at the jason mraz concert wearing one with a big jumper.. it was like the best outfit i've ever seen in my life, but sadly i was too slow to take a photo.

  2. I'm rather jealous, that dress is stunning!

  3. Love it! I can imagine all kinds of kooky layering and outfits you could do with that - it's such a simple shape it could be really versatile.

  4. Cooool! That dress is so awesome and such a bargain too!

  5. amanda - I saw THE BEST sequin mini at Sportsgirl, it was part of a Minty Meets Munt collaboration so it will probably be on sale soon (it was $180 or something :< booo)
    sparkleandglitter - thank you! I don't know when I will get the courage to wear it out, haha.
    Skye - I saw a picture of Peaches Geldof (ick, but anyway) and she had a sparkly dress, scarf, black tights and Converse... it looked pretty cool. I want to try it!
    miss karen - gah I know! As far as I know Cooper St is a pretty ca-ching brand... so yay for bargains!

  6. wow mega fantastic sale! i love the disco ball look! haha

  7. omg yes i remember that skirt, i loooved it.

  8. oh my god that dress is amazing! mmmmm sequinssss! and what a bargain!

  9. OH! I LOVE IT! You look great!

  10. a dreamer - I actually think it looks a bit like an ice-skating costume with the white boots! Haha!
    kirstie - Yes my magpie tendencies overtook me, I MUST OWN MORE SEQUINS.
    em - Thankyou lovely!
    dapper kid - Yes I love it in all its brazen glory!

  11. Rock it out!! And give me those white shoes. ;D You look awesome.
    I owe you a tagged post. <3

  12. this happens to me all the time, i go to comment on your latest post & IT DISAPPEARS ON ME! haha

  13. annie - Haha you are the best ♥
    amanda - oops sorry! I had it in HTML post and I accidentally clicked publish instead of going back to put in photos. It's there now!

  14. OMG! I can't beleive you got it for such a fantastic price! Good work. I loved that dress when it first came out but couldn't afford the price tag. You look great in it too.

  15. Fantastic dress at a great price.

  16. robyn - I got it from David Jones, you should check whether there's any left!
    wendyb - thanks, I am quite proud of this one!


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