Italian Vogue

Sorry for lack of posting actual photos today, but a) I am exhausted! and b) a spider bit me under the eye (!!) and it has gone all red and swollen... quite unattractive :(
So instead, here are some gorgeous photos from Italian Vogue that I found on my regular source for beautiful photos. I think that the darkness in them makes these photos absolutely stunning.

p.s I am eating a Cherry Ripe chocolate for the first time in ages. How good are they? Om nom nom.



  1. The spider bit sounds extremely yukky, I hope it sorts itself out quickly for you!

  2. thank you! it's not swollen anymore, just looks like i have a black eye, which should raise my street cred in bunbury :P (i kid!)

  3. Wow, these photographs are stunning!! I love the lighting. Annnnd hope your eye gets better soon! And for street cred purposes make sure to shave a slit in your eyebrow to look like a boxing scar lol. I remember when all the kids in school used to do that, twas not nice...

  4. a spider bit you under the eye??? *shudder* how did it get on your face?? aaaaahhh!!!

    also, those photos are gorgeous.

  5. Dapper Kid - Haha no that doesn't sound too attractive! That was a trend at my school. Well, that and having a rat's-tail haircut.
    Gem - It must have been when I was asleep, I glanced in the mirror in the morning and thought "Ugh, I look shocking when I wake up, look at those bags under my eyes!" Then it kept swelling and evidently it was a spider bite. HOT.


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