What I Wore 5.9.08

Reasons I am happy today:
- Last night Boy & I purchased our Southbound tickets!
- Also, last night Boy gave me a present - the Sex and the City movie! Aww. Although he was not so thrilled when I shrieked, demanded we play it immediately and then made him pause his Nintendo DS everytime I saw a) an outfit I liked, b) the closet and why we must have one and c) why I must have a Vivienne Westwood wedding gown. He was a tad disappointed at the monster he had unleashed.
- I ran into my best friend while I was shoe shopping and so we had lunch and watched some of the Perth Fashion Festival parade (it was pretty average).
- I found my dad an awesome Father's Day present and Boy a great present for our one year anniversary next week!

And what was I wearing on this glorious, albeit busy day?

Cardigan: Red Cherry//T-shirt: The Cure (from their Perth show)//Jeans: Cotton On//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Headscarf: Sportsgirl
The shoes are from my post about Shoe Lust, I have wanted them for AGES but they always sell out really fast! When I worked at Shoe Show last year I had a patent pair, but when I was on the train on the way back to Bunbury someone stole them out of my bag, along with my Calvin Klein glasses :<. Anyway I decided I liked the leather pair better, here is a close up:

So what are your plans for the night? Boy is having drinks with his work mates because he got a new job, but once I heard strippers mentioned I decided to sit it out (engineers, I swear to God...). So now I am watching 27 Dresses, which is good for girly, mindless entertainment!


  1. you look super cute miss, wish i could pull off a headscarf!

    haha i also bought a great father's day present today- vespa cufflinks, so cute!

    ohh sex movie i am so jealous! i plan to watch some episodes tonight as i am home by myself & need to have an early night cos i am working at the election tomorrow from 7am!

    catch you on msn later maybe so sort out our shoes?

  2. Congrats on the southbound tickets and I love the cure t-shirt ;D

    I'm doing absolutely nothing on account of my cold :C so I hope your night is more entertaining then mine hehe!

  3. amanda - haha thanks, i wish i could pull it off too! :P and soon you will have to come over and watch sex and the city, i think you will be a much better movie-watching companion than Boy!
    miss karen - thank you! i'm watching forgetting sarah marshall right now... i hope your cold gets better!

  4. So cute!
    And exciting about the SATC movie - I need a copy asap!


  5. I had a Cure t-shirt and lost it a long time ago... :/
    Cool shoes, too!

  6. couture carrie - thank you! haha i've watched the movie [an embarrassing number of times] since i got it!
    annie - thanks! they are my new favourites!

  7. yess definately! i have the entire series, so we could do a huge marathon! ummmm i'm sure i had something to tell you, but i've forgotten.


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