What I Wore 4.9.08

Today I missed my first lecture because I am lazy. Then I had two tutorials and went op-shopping with Amanda! We went to a Salvos store in Bentley and it was HUGE (and awesome!). After buying two dresses, a pair of shoes, two skirts and nine books (all for under $50! The books only cost 50c each but I will not tell you what they are as it is too embarrassing), I came home and listened to the Mamma Mia soundtrack while I cleaned the house/danced around like a fool.

Dress: Cotton On//Singlet: Supre//Cardigan: Cotton On//Belt: Cotton On//Tights: ?//Shoes: Emporium//Necklace: Diva

It was only when I was writing this up that I realised all of my outfit was Cotton On... I feel lame now! I guess it's because when I used to work there I had to wear the clothes to work and got a hefty discount, so there are a fair few Cotton On items hiding away in my wardrobe!

The necklace is one of the ones I got on sale at Diva for $3, you might be able to see it better if you enlarge the picture (my camera batteries are dead, so no close-up!). It is a swallow and I love it, I was talking a while ago about how much I love kitschy rockabilly things, including swallows.



  1. diva, really? i totally thought it was a hell fancy etsy one or something! haha.

  2. Oooo the dress looks so pretty!

  3. I love your dress (I'd never have though it was from Cotton On!) and the necklace is indeed quite purdy!

  4. amanda - haha i was quite surprised to find it in diva, especially lurking in the sale section!
    dapper kid - thank you!
    carrie - thanks! i love your blog!
    miss karen - i know, it's not like usual cotton on stuff which i find quite basic (it was quite the challenge finding things to wear to work!).

  5. can anyone else say Babysitters Club?? lol 50c is a bargain!


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