What I Wore 30.9.08

Today I went into uni in the morning (on my week off! Booo!) to work on a presentation with some people from my Media Studies class. I didn't really mind too much because the girls in my group are pretty cool. Then I went into the city, resisted buying things (including earrings at Diva and a rather adorable wallet by Coo Ca Choo) and bought my train ticket for Bunbury, where I will be for the week visiting my mum and sister. But never fear, I will still be posting!
I lightened today's photos so a) you could see the colours in the top better and b) because I am pretending it is summer and actually light outside. Oh and my face is replaced by Curious George's because I couldn't really take a good photo today.

Top: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Skirt: Supre//Tights: ?//Shoes: Emporium//Bangle: Birthday present from my Grandma

I really liked this top when I bought it, but I barely ever wear it now. I think it's because I have to wear a singlet underneath to protect my dignity and that gets annoying! The only reason I own this singlet is because one night I was wearing it in the city on my way to meet Boy and the wind was blowing it into some rather awkward places, so I ran into the nearest Cotton On and bought this singlet for $3.82 or some ridiculous price like that.
And today I also had my Jay Jays cardigan on because it is freakin' cold, man! What happened to Spring? It was looking promising there for awhile.


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