What I Wore 28 & 29.9.08

This is what I wore last night to the Sugar Blue Burlesque show... the theme was Fantasia/Sci-Fi so I thought, what better time to break out the holographic leggings? The show was pretty fantastic, except for about three acts there was a grumpy lady in front of me who kept pushing me out the way. I did not appreciate taking pushes from, frankly, an ELDERLY WOMAN. After the show finished Boy & I hung around for a while and talked to some of the performers (who were all really nice) and met the lady who hand-makes the pasties for the performers, which was interesting! (Also while Boy was off getting us drinks I was hit on by a man who asked if I had performed in the show. Uhh... no.)

Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Leggings: American Apparel//Shoes: Isabella Brown
The shoes were pretty comfortable, considering that we were standing up for about three hours waiting in line and watching the show. But, when Boy & I were at the Moon Cafe I slipped on the heel and fell over right in front of all the people that had performed at the burlesque show. I was a little bit embarrassed and so my shoes & I had our first lover's quarrel. And from then on they were extremely painful and we went home soon after.

And this is what I wore today to go and have a lovely breakfast of croissants, coffee and Rolling Stone:
Singlet: Target//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Skirt: Bluejuice//Shoes: Target//Sunglasses: A jewellery store in Bunbury
And last night at the burlesque show I bought this ring (plus an emerald one):

My eyes are covered in all of today's pictures because they have big black circles under them!


  1. Yay for the holographic leggings - they look lovely!

  2. ahhh thank you!!! love the leggings!!

  3. I seriously love those leggings!
    And your new shoes better behave for next time! I hate when that happens :(

  4. carrie - thank you! x
    skye - yay i finally worked up the nerve to wear them! :P but they don't look as sparkly in photos, they look like a rainbow in real life!
    geri - thanks i want to wear them all the time now!
    miss karen - argh it was embarrassing! it was probably because i was doing a bit of a strut... pride comes before a fall and all that...

  5. awesome leggings! its funny how mean old ladies can be sometimes...

  6. You look great! Those heels look fantastic with the dress and leggings, by the way.

  7. a dreamer - i know! at the cure concert last year an old lady KICKED ME IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD for standing up during one of the songs (we were in the seated section, but wtf?? i'm pretty sure it's appropriate to rock out during 'friday i'm in love'!)
    gem - thank you! for once i wasn't exaggerating when i said the shoes go with everything :P

  8. I love both your shoes here! I have those Target ones too, but in black. Now you've got me wishing I'd bought the black/white ones too :)

  9. Thank you, when I bought them I thought they looked very Porcelain Blonde! :)

  10. you look fabulous! love that outfit, & the owls on your skirt are so cute.

  11. that's why i bought the skirt! i have a lot of clothes & accessories featuring owls!


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