What I Wore 25.9.08

WHY IS THE WEATHER REFUSING TO CONFORM TO THE ACTUAL SEASON??? It has been dreary and rainy all day today. I really wanted to just stay in bed but instead I dragged myself to a sociology lecture & tutorial, and then a journalism tutorial where one of my articles was brutally TORN APART by my tutor. But the day is not lost, soon Boy & I will be sitting down to a lovely Italian meal (made by me!) and I will spend the evening happily typing away at more articles. Here is what I threw on in mourning of the Spring that is yet to come (by the way, I look so much like my sister in the first picture that it really scares me!):

Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Target//Cardigan: Cotton On//Scarf: Equip//Tights: Equip//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Glasses: Vogue
I got my glasses awhile ago but I don't think I have posted an outfit with them yet. They are reading glasses, in case you were wondering, which is why I don't usually have them on in photos. And speaking of new things I have recently acquired:

How cute are these shoes? They are by Zoom, I got them for $30 (down from $70). I was pretty happy, I actually need more black shoes (NEED, mind you) but whenever I go out shoe shopping I am always drawn to the brightly coloured, garishly inappropriate shoes instead. I know these are a bit Minnie Mouse-like but I like them that way.

I am in a bit of a ranty mood but I will stop for the sake of you lovely readers.


  1. ooh, cute shoes! see, i have the opposite problem- too many black shoes! (although, is there such a thing) & i love that scarf!

    & cooking, i'm impressed!

  2. Oh these are the cutest shoes ever! And I'm sending lots of bad karma to the tutor!

  3. amanda - thanks! i saw the scarf in cosmopolitan a few months ago and loved it so much i bought it the same day. haha.

  4. i know! i just want to pout and primp and wiggle about when i put them on.


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