What I Wore 22.9.08

My American Apparel sweatshirt arrived (at Amanda's!) on Friday and I have been wearing it all weekend! I love it so much, it's sooo comfortable.
Sweatshirt: American Apparel//Jeans: Cotton On
I don't really like dressing so casually, so styling this shirt is a bit of a challenge! I've just been wearing it with jeans because it has been a laaaaazy weekend. Many fights have been had with Boy already about this sweatshirt, only because he has a gray American Apparel hoodie and I think it would look a bit weird if we both went out in gray American Apparel jumpers & jeans. It's only a step away from this...
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I went out to breakfast on Saturday morning, spent Saturday record-shopping (well, watching Boy buy records while I cried over not being able to afford any), watched WALL-E on Saturday night (which was fantastic!) and then watched Rosemary's Baby on Sunday. I love Mia Farrow now!


  1. oh wow Kath and Kel are a couple of champions!

    I seriously need to get in on the AA sweatshirt love - everyone says they're fantastic!

  2. hehe now i have an image of you two in your matchy-matchy outfits in my head.. it's pretty funny.

    umm if you want inspiration for how to dress it up a bit, camille from childhood flames does it really well, as does mary-kate olsen.. i'm sure i have some photos floating around somewhere.

  3. miss karen - haha i love them! i tried to find a photo of them with their matching woolly jumpers but alas, no luck.
    amanda - yeah jane from sea of shoes always makes hers look good, it's just weird because i think it makes everything look super-casual on me!

  4. i looove that sweatshirt and sort of live in mine!

  5. geri - me too! i may never wear anything else!
    annie - haha, i do love that photo!

  6. aw! i've always wanted to get myself an AA jumper cause they look really comfy!

  7. carrie - they are! you should get one!


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