What I Wore 15.9.08

I can't believe it's halfway through September already! At least now it is FINALLY beginning to feel like Spring! Today I went into uni for my media studies tutorial, in which all we seem to do is talk about political correctness, and then had some yum Pad Thai for lunch. Now I am studying for a sociology test and dancing to Rollover Beethoven by Chuck Berry!

Shirt: Target//Singlet: Cotton On//Shorts: French Kitty//Tights: ?//Shoes: Converse
I bought these shorts yesterday, I got a Myer voucher as a late birthday present from my aunt & uncle that live in Wagin (which is about four hours away from Perth. I think the main attraction of the town is a huge scultpure of a ram. Not a sheep, it is very clear it is a ram). My mum was visiting me for the weekend so we went and bought a few things - apart from these shorts I bought some housey things from Bed Bath & Table and a beater so I can finally make cakes & cupcakes and things! Mum also very nicely paid my EMBARASSINGLY EXTRAVAGANT late video fees... the store which I hire them from seems to be very keen to rip me off as much as possible :<

1. The closeup of the fabric on the shorts//2. My beloved Cons//3. The other goodies I picked up! A 'Love' sign (just because), a magazine holder in a very sweet print (and only $9! All other magazine holders I've seen are about $20 and not nearly as cute), and displayed on the cake platter that was a belated present from my godfather (& uncle) and his family!
(in case you were wondering, the reason I have a TV under my desk is because when I first moved in, my friend gave me his old TV to replace my teeny-tiny one [seriously, my laptop screen was almost as big as the TV!]. Anyway his ended up dying but apparently he is going to pick it up from my house sometime.)


  1. the love is very cute! i saw the most fantastic individual, heavy silver letters spelling out paris once in a shop.. sadly i couldn't justify spending $50 on them when i don't even like paris that much..

    the shorts are so cute, & i love the outfit! i'm going to see the edge of love tomorrow, i foresee a lot of outfit-craving going on there.. hehe. (i think the pattern of your shorts just made me think of that) i'll shut up now :D

  2. yes the love was only 20 bucks and... well... who doesn't like love? haha.
    ohh i can't wait to see edge of love! have fun!

  3. Your outfit is lovely, I'm dying for a pair of Pink Chucks.. yum-o!

  4. love the pics where you jump! and i can't believe we're already halfway thru september either!

  5. Love the jumping photos! And the fabric of those shorts look delightful. Pink converse are actually amazing :)

  6. Your shorts are so cool! And I love the Bed Bath & Table goodies too.

    PS. I totally missed that Florence Broadhurst doco - I was spewing.

  7. miss_corrine - thank you! i've wanted pink cons ever since my year 9 crush (!) bought them so he could wear them in the school production!
    cate - i know! it's gone so fast!
    dapper kid - thank you!
    miss karen - ahh it was so interesting! gorgeous wallpaper & fabric.


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