What I Wore 10.9.08

Handing in my first article for my journalism course which actually has a chance of getting published in a newspaper! I am quite nervous! Eeeeee! It is about how music festivals are including homeopathic first aid stalls as well as conventional medical help, and it was actually pretty interesting to research.

Skirt: Target//Cardigan: Red Cherry//Shirt: Sex Pistols (not sure of the brand!)//Tights: Equip//Shoes: Emporium//Earrings: Jay Jays

Boy & I went to see Bill Bailey last night, it was hilarious! We've been to a few stand-up gigs this year but I think that he was the best. It was a bit surreal watching him walk onstage because I just thought "Oh my god that's Manny!" (I am obsessed with Black Books). I thought the view would be crappy because we were in row Z but it was actually pretty good. So Bill Bailey gets the Gin in a Teacup seal of approval & devotion!



  1. i am a dick. i totally forgot he was coming, even after seeing him on denton! suckkkk. & when dylan moran was here i didn't even know who he was! i hope he comes back sometime... :(
    cute outfit, but i already told you that!

  2. Oooo good luck with the journalism piece! And I love the skirt and those flats :)

  3. amanda - aww you should have gone he was excellent! he did the scat darth vader theme!
    dapper kid - thank you! my aunt was a bit confused and said "why are you wearing iridescent slippers?" oh well. i still like them!

  4. I watched bill bailey on rove and denton - funny dude! I love him in black books too.

    And yay for your first article! I can't remember what my first article was when I was doing post grad journalism (I did psych as a degree) - but I'm pretty sure it was something lame!

  5. miss karen - ohh he's hilarious in black books! "bernard! i'm a prostitute robot from the future!" teehee.

  6. we should have a combined black books/sex and the city marathon. i am craving me some bernard black now!

  7. haha i am ALWAYS craving some bernard black :P


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