Places I Would Like to Live #3

This is Chase Cohl's (of Weepaw) house. I actually hadn't heard of her before I saw these pictures of her house, but how awesome is her decorating? I love it! I've been wondering whether to post these for a while but I kept coming back to them so I decided to put them up. I can't help it, I love looking inside people's houses! (Not in a creepy way or anything!)



  1. wow I really like her digs!

    PS. I love your cardigan in the last post - why is it so cold all of a sudden? Cold weather is so depressing :(

  2. her house looks really interesting!

    i'm always dreaming about how i'll decorate my own place one day. but at the moment i'm renting, so i can't do an awful lot :(

  3. miss karen - i know! i'm so over wintery weather and i just want to run around in shorts and bathers!
    gem - i rent too, so BELIEVE ME, i understand!

  4. I like the mirror and mirrored table. I'd like to have one of those Anthropologie mirrored dressers one day--even if I have to wipe the fingerprints off it daily!

  5. annie - me too! it's awesome!


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