Mad Men

I haven't actually seen this show, I guess it would be on Foxtel but I don't have that! Anyway, apparently the storyline revolves around an advertising agency in the 1960's, which of course means some fantastic fashions and inspirations for 60's freaks like myself. I really hope it comes out on DVD here soon, it looks amazing! (And it's one of those shows that, once you hear one mention of it, suddenly you hear it being talked about everywhere! Isn't it weird when that happens?)
I looove this jacket, and the way that the whole outfit coordinates. I think it's a very 1960's thing to have all the little details be the thing that really "makes" your outfit. Also - beehive! I love beehives but my hair is too fine to tease much.
I think that this is a beautiful print on the dress, and if you enlarge the picture you might be able to get a better look at the gorgeous little brooch she has on. Again, I am very envious of the hair - I am not someone who can spend a whole evening (or hour) without a hair out of place, which is a shame because I am DYING to recreate this hairstyle!
Another evening look - I really wish I lived in a time where there were more opportunities to get really dressed up! I actually have a vintage fur jacket almost exactly like this, which I got from my grandma, that I wore for Boy's work ball, but I wish I had more opportunity to wear it - it's not exactly something I would throw on for uni! I love the jewellery in this picture, especially the necklace and the brooch on her coat.
If I am not mistaken, I think this is the guy that played Carrie's politician boyfriend in Sex and the City? Anyway, I think this dress is amazing because it's so unusual, and I love the colours together. I also love how it works against her complexion, she has such beautiful pale skin!
I'm kind of uninspired by the outfit on the right, to be honest (although I do like the print on the skirt) but I do LOVE the checked dress on the left. I want one immediately so I can lounge around and gossip about the neighbours!
Another wonderful checkered dress, and again the purse, shoes and hat all match. I think that this character is dressed up for church, but if I had this dress I would wear it All. The. Time. Even the dresses of the characters behind her are amazing (and all colour-coordinated with each other!).

So what do you think? Does this make you swoon?


  1. that last dress is so cute, & just you are correct in your satc spotting! he was also gabby's husband on desperate housewives (where he also played a politician, heh) don't know if you watch that. oh & hilariously, do you remember samantha's first love dominic, the guy who broke her heart? he's blair's dad on gossip girl!

  2. haha IS HE?? i always thought he was so fugly in that SATC episode, samantha kept going on about how gorgeous he was and i thought he looked like his face had been run over by a truck!

  3. Love Mad Men, the styling is soooo beautiful! I think I need to invent the time machine just so I can get those clothes!

  4. I think this is coming to regular TV (i.e not Foxtel) soon - I read something about it in TV Week. I can't wait to see this show everything looks amazing!

  5. This look amasing, something to download soon. The style is brilliant.

  6. Joan, the character with the SATC guy, is amazing...

  7. dapper kid - when you invent your time machine can we also go to the 1920s? :)
    miss karen - i hope so! and i hope it's on at a reasonable time, all the good shows are on sooo late on commercial networks!
    cassie casserole - hehe, i love your name! and yes i need to watch it somehow!
    annie spandex - grr you are making me want to watch it even more! :)

  8. yes, I really need to see some of this show! I love sixties design, this looks great. I found an interview with the costume designer here, interesting read! I love your blog, I linked you!

  9. thanks so much for the link to that interview, it was a really interesting read! i think it would be so much fun to style a period show.
    and thanks, i like your blog too!

  10. hey chickie, I can lend you season 1 if you want. It's awesome. Miss Karen sent it to me because she is a doll.


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