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Yes, I have finally gotten a pair of Dior Gladiator knock-offs! I have wanted a pair ever since the Sex and the City movie came out (so maybe I AM shamelessly manipulated by advertising, but I feel alright with that. In this case). I thought there would have been more cheap styles available since the movie came out, but these are the first ones I've seen actually in stores in Australia and not online. The shop assistant at Shoe Show said that the style was just coming in from America now and that soon they would be everywhere. I thought this was a bit weird, wouldn't they have gotten the style in right after the movie when it would have sold heaps and heaps?
They are really comfortable, a bit higher than I expected but nothing wrong with giving a short gal like me a few extra inches! I tried on a few outfits with it to see how they go with everything and I was very happy that they go with quite a range of outfits.
Picture 1 - Dress: Dotti
Picture 2 - Dress: Bauhaus//Cardigan: Jay Jays (also new!)
Picture 3 - Sweatshirt: American Apparel//Skirt: Target
Picture 4 - Shirt: Cotton On (I call this my Blade Runner shirt because I think it looks a bit replicant-ish)//Jeans: Cotton On
All pictures - Shoes: Isabella Brown

Hopefully they don't pop up on the feet of everyone in summer... even if they do I will love them unconditionally! I am taking them out to a burlesque show on Sunday and I feel that it will be the start of a beautiful friendship. ♥



  1. you found a cardigan, awesome! & the shoes look fantastic! how much were they, decent?
    i love all the outfits & that bauhaus dress is really cute, but my fave is probably the one with the aa top.. hehe. hope you had a fab day!

  2. well they were $70... that's about the limit i would pay for shoes at the moment!
    & thanks, that's my favourite outfit too!

  3. whoah those shoes are awesome - they go with so many outfits!

  4. The shoes look great - and they really do go with everything!

    I hope they have a great time at the Burlesque with you!

  5. daniela - thank you!
    skye & karen - it was definitely a relief that they went with more than the outfit i was wearing at the time (as is the case with most of my shoes that look great with one outfit and kind of funny with others)

  6. those shoes are hot! also, i see you have jeans from cotton on... seriously about half my wardrobe is from cotton on. love that shop, great clothes, and affordable too. i even got awesome gladiator sandals from there for $20! bargain.

  7. gem - i used to work at cotton on, so pretty much two-thirds of my wardrobe is from there! they do have pretty cute stuff, they used to do really basic stuff but it's gotten heaps better in the last year or so.


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