I Want: Betsey Johnson

Ohh, since when did Gin in a Teacup become such a whore for designer shows? I don't know. Maybe when designers stop putting out such delicious collections I can write about my Cotton On and Target clothes once again. But for now, the delightful 09 collection from one of my idols and my number one wish-I-could-afford-these-clothes-because-who-doesn't-want-to-flit-about-like-a-cupcake designer... Betsey Johnson!
I love the first dress, I am having a bit of a knee-socks moment. Also, are the girls in the first two pictures carrying little lunchboxes? I love it! I love the pants in the second picture, I think they match the big sleeves on the top very well. I am equally enamoured with the fact that every girl is wearing a coloured wig and bowler hat.
I love the tutu-like dress in the first picture, and I think the shoes are very interesting. I think the dress in the second picture is one of my favourites, I love the shape of it and the print on the fabric is so gorgeous. I know that the massive pockets that bulk out around the hips might not be very flattering on people like me who are not blessed with gazelle (or Giselle)-like legs, but I think it looks great anyway! The third dress is included because I think it looks like a mermaid meets a Monet painting.

And of course, the cart-wheeling, fabulous woman herself...

And if you needed any more proof that Betsey Johnson shows are particularly awesome...
...it featured a pirate.


  1. Such a cool collection - Betsey is a legend!

  2. dapper kid & miss karen - i know! it's amazing, like one big dress-up box collection!

  3. so cute. I want one of these hats


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