I Love Vargas Girls

It may be because I saw the Sugar Blue Burlesque show last night, but today I am feeling a need to look up some pictures of Vargas girls.
Alex Vargas was one of the most famous painters of pin-up and erotica. Even if you don't know the name, chances are that you'll recognise at least some of the drawings. Although Vargas did pin-up paintings for Esquire magazine, which inspired the 'nose art' of the WWII planes, a legal dispute over the use of the name 'Varga' led him to struggle financially until his 'Vargas Girls' were used by Playboy.

Vargas used a combination of watercolour an airbrush for his paintings. His airbrush work is so well recognised that the highest achievement to get in the airbrushing industry is the Alberto Vargas award. Although his pin-up girls are the image of sexy naivety, he says that his work was based more on a combination of women he knew and ideal women, rather than actual models.
I love his work because the pin-up girl is always appealing and his drawings are so detailed, it's amazing! My very favourite is the first girl in the second set of pictures.
Images 1-5 from here, 6-8 from here.


  1. These are some really beautiful images. I'd only seen a handful of Vargas girls before. I love the first picture the most I think :D

  2. i used to have heaps of pictures on my computer but i deleted them - silly me!

  3. Ahh, I always thought they were based on real models, interesting!

    And your favourite pic - I was staring at her for ages, for some reason, she's really captivating. It's her face.

    I think I like the third girl in the second set of pictures the most. The bows in the hair and shape of her body - so feminine!

    I love pin up pics.

  4. i know, his pictures are so detailed i was sure he must use real models!

  5. Oooh, I love those girls!

    // Sweden


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