Hmm: Agyness Deyn for POP

I don't think there's anything wrong with the quality of these photos, and I am a huuuge Aggy fan. However, something about this shoot is a little unsettling, possibly because of the sad story of Ruslana Korshunova. Here are some of the photos, tell me what you think...



  1. True, it is a bit unsettling... and slightly distasteful if these were taken after the death/suicide.

  2. i'm not sure when these photos were taken but I agree with emily- it would have been distasteful if they were taken after the suicide.

    I still think these shots are beautiful though.

  3. I agree, I find them unsettling and distasteful. Suicide shouldn't be portrayed in such a romantic fashion, even if the photos were taken before Ruslana's death.

  4. karen - that's exactly the problem I had with it, that the shoot is kind of glamourising suicide. I think the whole shoot is kind of tacky to be honest...


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