I Want: Erin Fetherston

These photos are from the Erin Fetherston show at New York Fashion Week this week. I loooove this collection, I don't normally do posts on one designer (although I have in the past!) but these clothes are so gorgeous and light... it's raining here in Perth so I think that I may have a case of Spring lust!
I really, really, REALLY want one of those sequinned maxi skirts. It is heaven in skirt form. I hope that some of the chain stores do a really cheap knockoff (that's probably bad to wish for... but this is how much I want the skirt!). In the second picture, I love how the colours go together, it makes me think of vanilla icecream. And the dress in the third picture is gorgeous, it just looks like a big flower! Oh Spring, where are you? :(
More sequins? Is it a top and skirt or a dress I DON'T CARE IT IS SHINY SO I LOVE IT. Now that I have calmed down and aren't as distracted by shiny things, I think that it is a skirt. I love the whole look in the second picture, it is a bit more casual than the other looks but no less fabulous. Those pants are awesome. I only included the third picture because the model looks like or is Chanel Iman, and I love her. (The dress is OK too).
OK, there are A LOT of one shoulder dresses in this collection. I like the look of them but I can never pull them off as they make me look like I have one boob near my ear and one around my midriff. But I do die a little bit inside for this dress, it is beautiful! The second dress perplexes me, I think it is interesting and kind of Russian-princess but I'm not sure if I like how the material puffs out around the knees and hips - it would be extremely unflattering on us mere individuals who are not supermodels! And my heart aches for that last dress, I think it is adorable!
And here I am playing dress-ups in my best adorable-wishing-for-Spring-frou-frou dress...
Dress: a shop in Brisbane that I can't remember the name of!//Shoes: Isabella Brown


  1. Omigosh! That first and fourth... love those sequins!

  2. mm sequins. i so want a silver sequined miniskirt. cute dress too!

  3. annie - I KNOW! ahh shiny things!
    amanda - i love them all! i wanted to put up all the pictures from the show, it was hard narrowing it down to even nine!

  4. I loved the sequins in this collection- especially the miniskirt. It looked sophisticated and chic instead of like club wear.

  5. I love the sequins too - that skirt is supremely divine! I love the light colour palette too so nice and springlike!

    You look so nice in your dress also - very lovely :D

  6. trendology - exactly! i like sequins, but i like them even better when they actually look pretty instead of disco.
    miss karen - thank you! :) now if only real spring weather would actually hurry up and get here so we can wear stuff like this!

  7. Wow, that collection is so ethereal and gorgeous. Love your dress and heels too,they go beautifully together.

  8. i know, it's amazing!
    and thank you, it's one of my favourite dresses but i hardly ever wear it!


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