What I Wore (kind of) 18.8.08

I haven't been wearing this all day, I was originally wearing a denim skirt and black stockings. However, as I made my way to and around uni, I discovered that the skirt had a bad habit of riding up, while the stockings had an equally unfortunate habit of sagging down. There is pretty much no worse look than someone who looks uncomfortable in their clothing, and I spent the whole day either hitching up my stockings or pulling down my skirt, whilst praying that no one could see the crotch of my stockings (which they could). So when I got home I immediately chucked the stockings out and gave the skirt a stern look and a talking to. The day has not been fabulous for myriad reasons but being uncomfortable in what I was wearing certainly did not add to the day. This is what I changed into (and now feel a bit better):

Cardigan: Jeanswest//Singlet: Supre//Leggings: American Apparel//Necklace: Paraphernalia
You may remember me saying I had bought a Paraphernalia necklace, well it arrived at my parent's house while I was away and so I got it this weekend! I love it so much.

They are lovely (in a creepy kind of way) so buy one now - I don't think there are any hearts at the moment, but there are plenty of other things that will make you squeal in delight! Mine came with a little hand-written note from Vanda (who makes them) which I thought was such a nice touch.



  1. Oh, how I fear the sagging stockings... It's annoying too because you never know when it is going to strike. It's always in public and never in the three hours you took to get ready.

    I love the heart - I've always had a thing for anatomical drawings etc.

  2. It's true, the stockings were FINE when I was still in the house. It's an evil trick.
    The heart is my new favourite thing (I love anatomical drawings as well)!

  3. that necklace looks excellent!

  4. Love love love the leggings x1000! I'm a sucker for multicolor glitter.

  5. haha me too! i call them my bladerunner leggings because i think they look kind of futuristic.
    and they match my glittery gumboots perfectly!


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