What I Wore 30.8.08

This is what I wore to my birthday dinner with my family and Boy's family! It was at a restuarant called Chester's, and was extremely delicious. I had crab and avacado salsa for entree and "Breast of Chicken" (why couldn't they just call it chicken breast?) for main course. And by the time I ate all that I couldn't fit in dessert :<. Anyway it was lovely and I was very spoiled by presents from Boy's family (even though I shouldn't have opened them a day in advance, my birthday is actually today!).

Dress: Leona Edminston//Belt: Valleygirl//Tights: Equip//Shoes: Diana Ferrari//Earrings: Diva//Batclutch: Genki

The clutch is one of my favourite things I got in Melbourne, although not many people realise it is actually a purse and quietly wonder why I am taking a bat toy everywhere.

(I just realised that my calendar is a month behind. How embarrassing.)



  1. ooh pretty dress, & the bat clutch is so awesome!

  2. i know! the girl at genki told me it was from japan which only adds to its awesomeness!


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