What I Wore 29.8.08

Cardigan: Red Cherry//Singlet: Miss Shop//Skirt: Op shop//Tights: ?//Shoes: Diana Ferrari
This is what I wore to drop an assignment at uni and then do some shopping. I didn't find much, but I bought two necklaces on sale for Diva (which will undoubtedly make an appearance soon) and this really cool scarf by Chip Chop for Sportsgirl. It's a bit hard to tell from photos, and even in real life when I'm wearing it like I am now, but it has all the different types of art written onto it. I tried to take a picture:

Well you can kind of tell. It's a pretty cool range (the Sportsgirl/Chip Chop one), lots of geeky art references and a singlet that says "Go Van Gogh!" in an American sports team-type font which I am planning to get tomorrow/ask for on my birthday so people are less inclined to say no. Hehe!

I hope you all have a good Friday night, it is Anime Night for me & Boy so today we will be watching Akira (I think!).



  1. haha i'm getting like 4 pairs! they're so cheap i can totally justify it..
    also i love this outfit, you look gorgeous! the skirt is awesome & i can't believe shoes that cute were made by diana ferrari!

  2. Love the skirt, it's totally awesome! And I LOVE Akira, have fuuun!

  3. I think that sounds like a cute singlet! Oh my god, I don't know what a singlet is exactly. Wait, as in a wrestling singlet? That might be particularly badass...

  4. amanda - thanks! yes i always joke about having nanna clothes but these shoes are genuine nanna!
    dapper kid - thanks! we ended up watching spirited away so i still haven't seen akira :(
    annie - it is very cute! hmm it's more like a tank top i guess? well when i buy it i will take a photo!

  5. nanna chic is so underrated.

  6. Your skirt looks really cool. And I must check out the chip chop for Sportsgirl range, I'm so out of the loop I had no idea it even existed!

  7. miss karen - i had no idea either! :P but it was a pleasant surprise when i walked into sportsgirl!


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