What I Wore 22.8.08

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember me saying that I was looking for a morning jacket that was like Cassie's from Skins. Well, I found one while I was in Melbourne! Today's the first day I've worn it here and I rather like it.

Jacket: General Pants Co. (it was another brand but the label got ripped out!)//Singlet: Cotton On//Jeans: Cotton On//Watch: Singapore//Necklace: Paraphernalia//Headband: Diva

I was a bit worried that with the heart necklace it looked a bit My Chemical Romance (i.e DEFINITELY not to look I was going for) but hopefully not. I love this jacket, especially the little fake handkercheif in the pocket! So cute! I wish I could remember what brand it is, but it's available at General Pants anyway. You can see the back of the jacket (the coolest part!) a little better in this photo:

Stay tuned for part two of "What I Wore" later today! Ooh suspense!




    haha that wasn't meant to be in caps but oh well. love your headband, i wish i could wear them like that but alas i just look ridiculous :(

  2. advent mardani - thank you!
    amanda - haha the shoes are too scummy to appear in any photos! i stubbed my foot today & the toe in the hole got even bigger...

  3. I am so stealing that necklace! I <33333 it!


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