What I Wore 21.8.08

Sorry it has been a bit quiet around here for the past couple of days, but seemingly endless assignments are cropping up (how inconvenient!) and so I am either doing those or falling asleep in lieu of doing them. Anyway! This is what I wore today, to go to a journalism tutorial and pass notes with Amanda. After doing two interviews for a news article I am writing I decided on a JOURNALISM IZ SERIOUS BIZNESS outfit.

Top: Valleygirl//Dress: Cotton On//Belt: Valleygirl//Tights: Target//Shoes: Big W (!!)//Watch: Singapore//And my uni books & Disney princess pen (a present from my sister!)

I actually ended up wearing different shoes to uni, I bought these boots about a year ago and the little nub heel has almost completely worn off! I wore them to the bus stop and slipped on the uneven heels about five times! So when I realised I had forgotten something I was secretely quite relieved to have an excuse to go and change shoes.

I have a week off uni next week so expect the usual BLOGBLOGBLOGBLOG attack! I will need something to amuse myself whilst waiting for my birthday next Sunday!


(In case you are wondering, the books are for anthropology and sociology! And please excuse my messy kitchen table in the second picture, I could either clean the table or crop the picture but I am lazy today. EDIT - I have discovered how to edit pictures on my computer, hooray!)


  1. i love this outfit! but where are the shoes? take some more pictures woman!! haha. arghhh i'm so tired & gemma is dragging me out to the claremont tonight.. think i might go have a nap actually. anyway see you tomorrow morning! oh, and here's that ebay link:
    different price to the ones i told you about, they were actually a 7 lol whoops my bad!

  2. thanks for the link! i took heaps of pictures but i didn't like any of the other ones, haha. and also i may wear the shoes tomorrow so i don't want to spoil it!
    have fun in claremont! i will be assignment-ing it up...woo.

  3. no worries. oh well that's okay then! haha.
    actually i would rather be doing my assignments cos i have so many!

  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nine-West-New-Heech-size-8-m-Black-leather-sandal_W0QQitemZ360080388775QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item360080388775

    don't know if i gave you this link already...

  5. You are just the cutest thing in these photos :)


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