What I Wore 15.8.08

I feel kind of shameful doing two 'What I Wore' posts in a row when I usually have some other form of content inbetween, but uni has been surprisingly full on this week (probably because I'm still in holiday mode).

Skirt: Supre//Shirt: Target//Tights: Equip//Shoes: Emporium//Beret: Sportsgirl//Bag: Pulp Kitchen

I love this bag, I bought it from Dangerfield in Melbourne. It's big enough to fit my uni books AND gym clothes for the day, so hooray for big bags! Although it keeps pulling up my skirt when I walk, which is kind of awkward. I think it might be because the skirt is made out of pretty crappy material (it was only $7 after all!).
Also Boy is at a job interview as we speak! Please cross fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else you can think of (which if you can, I applaud you) and send happy thoughts!
Have a wonderful Friday night, maybe dancing the night away, maybe snuggling under the doona with a good book, maybe having yummy food! I will probably be reading magazines while Boy and his friend play World of Warcraft. How glamorous!


  1. wow that amazing Kiss t-shirt was from Target?? Jeebus!

    I love the bag also, sometimes bigger bags yank up my skirt/dress too hehe.

    And I hope the job interview turns out alright for your Boy :D

  2. yay, i love this outfit! i was thinking.. i hope tara posts her outfit today! i loved the beret and shoes.. mm sparkles! ummm i'm sure i had something else to say but i forget. that bag looks almost big enough to eat ME!
    you go to the gym? wow, motivated! i'm impressed. haha
    anyway i hope you had a lovely night with your boy!

  3. karen - yes from target! they actually have pretty decent band shirts from time to time, i got a jim morrison shirt frolm there!
    amanda - hehe well not really motivated, i only go one or two days a week! & yes a lovely night watching japanese horror was had :)

  4. Love that KISS t-shirt... A friend of mine just bought a RUN DMC shirt from there too, that looks vintage. Target is sooo awesome!

  5. I know! I got it a few years ago but still, it made my appreciation for target go up by a lot!


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