What I Wore 13.8.08

Inspired to wear my floral ruffle skirt by the lovely Amanda from the general specific.

Skirt: Target//Singlet: Supre//Cardigan: Jeanswest//Stockings: From Boy's mum//Necklace: Made for me when I was a baby!//Boots: Switch from Betts

I love these boots, they are my very favourite shoes! I get lots of comments every time I wear them. I was a bit distressed when they got a bit beat up while travelling, but as Lady Smaggle said about her Vivianne Westwood mary-janes,
"You can't relax into precious new shoes until you've scuffed them up a bit. I
feel the honeymoon period is over and we can sink into a blissful and steady

As always, excellently put. Now I am going to finally unpack and clean up a bit before Boy gets here and I cook him a lovely dinner. And also I apologise for my apallingly ghostly pallor, I know my face is normally quite pale but since I've been sick I have looked like Robert Smith's bastard child (if only!).

Hope you are all having a fabulous day frolicking in sunshine or stomping through puddles!


  1. cute skirt, i assume this was in the regular-people section of target and not the midget section where i got mine, haha. those boots are great, love the outgit!

  2. haha yes the "big people" section! aww.

  3. I've been looking for a floral skirt everywhere and I can't seem to find one I like - I think Target is on the menu for today's shopping trip hehe. You look lovely!

  4. are you dancing in that first picture? so cute haha! i love your boots! very very cool!

  5. miss karen: yes the skirt is very cute and very cheap! so go to target now my friend!
    gilda: hehe yes, i was doing a mini can can because my skirt is so ruffly its hard not to!

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