What I Wore 12.8.08

I was a bit inspired to put on this mod-ish dress because I found the very stylish blog I'm Not Anti-Social, Just Short Sighted, which is a must for anyone who loves mod style.

Dress: Retrostar//Tights: Equip//Shoes: Sportsgirl//Earrings: An 18th birthday present
I'm holding my Supremes record (which I got for $2 at Dada Records in Perth!) because I think this is a very Supremes-ish dress. I got it from Retrostar in Melbourne, which if you haven't been there, run run run there now! It is the best vintage shop I've ever been to, and reasonably priced too, for the quality of the clothes (I think this dress was $49).

Please excuse the dancey photos, I had my new Chuck Berry record playing while I was taking these and it is pretty much impossible to sit still while he is playing. Now I am off to my getting-back-from-Melbourne afternoon tea my friend is having for me! Aww.


  1. Dancing to Chuck Berry in a mod dress - you rock, my friend!!
    And I haven't been to Retrostar! Where in Melbourne is it?

  2. Haha why thank you miss!
    I feel quite foolish... I meant to link Retrostar when I wrote it but I forgot! The link is there now but just for posterity:
    First Floor Nicholas Building
    37 Swanston St (cnr Flinders Lane)
    Also the stores under it - Genki and Route 66 - are worth a look, especially Route 66, I bought the most awesome rockabilly skirt from there!

  3. You look stunning in the dress - straight from 1964 - Retrostar is great store and I never seem to have enough time to browse everything they have.

    And thank you for mentioning me in your post too you lovely lady!

    PS. I love High Fidelity also...

  4. Oh thanks lovely! I was so overwhelmed when I went to Retrostar, I always meant to go back but ran out of time.
    And it is embarrassing how many times I've watched High Fidelity, I could probably recite it word for word by now!

  5. this is cute! i hope your afternoon tea was lovely :]

    i thought you weren't doing journalism anymore! me = silly. what units are you doing/what days are you at uni? did you hear tegan & sara are going to be at southbound? i'm SO excited.

  6. YES!! I'm so excited! And the Kooks and the Hives? YES PLEASE!
    My tutorial is on Thursday afternoon, I think it's 12-2? When's yours?

  7. are you doing print? i have my print tute at 12-2 on a thursday. how funny. really?? awesomeeeee. omg gomez! THE GRATES! i had a hunch they might be there.. cat empire! franz ferdinand! this entire lineup is fucking awesome, even better than last years! AND birds of tokyo, i love them. i think my quest is going to be to meet tegan & sara, haha..

  8. yeah pretty much all the bands that were rumoured to be at splendour will probably be at southbound yay! have you registered for the early tickets?
    and also nothing is due for journalism... is it? i was in melbourne last week i wasnt there ahh! but we are in the same tute yaaay!


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