This post is making me hungry.

I actually bought this a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't resist putting some pictures up! I mean come on, it's an actual hamburger phone!
Wearing my school leavers jumper! They aren't very flattering, they look like baseball jumpers and mine has tea stains all over it. My old high school is notoriously bad at choosing good leavers jumpers.
Om nom nom
This was $24 (!!) from Dangerfield, they also have a pair of lips and a French fry phone! In case you were wondering, it does actually work as a real phone, it is not just there for novelty and implementing cheeseburger cravings.


  1. That's the most amazing phone I've ever seen!

  2. haha that's awesome! you've seen juno right?

  3. lilac stevens - thanks! i thought so too :)
    amanda - that's exactly what the shop assistant said when i bought it! and yes i have haha.


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