Tara is 19!

This is what I am wearing to celebrate my 19th:

Cardigan: Red Cherry//Ramones T-Shirt: Myer//Skirt: Cotton On//Tights: ?//Shoes: Zu//Beret: Equip
...and present time!

Cupcakes from Boy's sister and her boyfriend...
...and Cirque de Soleil tickets from Boy! Hooray!
Hopefully I will get some good photos of my (much planned out) burlesque outfit tonight, if so I will post them tomorrow!
p.s and also thanks to my sister, who has been taking my photos all weekend and who got me the first season of Popular (teehee - does anyone else remember that show? We were obsessed with it when it was on, when I was about 14 or 15) on DVD! Aah nostalgia...


  1. aww you look adorable. YUM cupcakes! i hope you managed to get a photo of your outfit tonight, you looked gorgeous! xox

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    You look awesome here - I love the beret and how yummy do those cupcakes look? I'm so jealous!

  3. bhh - thank you!
    amanda - no i didn't manage to get a whole outfit shot :( maybe i will have to re-create the outfit today!
    miss karen - thank you! i think i need a beret & black stocking intervention, i wear them all the time! and the cupcakes were AMAZING!

  4. Happy Birthday! :D I love your outfit - The Ramones ROCK!

  5. Oh my, your sister just looks so awesome! And if her hair was styled, I bet it would look just like Vince Noir :)

    Popular marathon soon? I think so!

  6. miss corrine - thank you! i just looked at your blog, i love it!
    emily jane - i think so too!

  7. ♥ HaPpY TaRa Day!!! ♥

    Man, those cupcakes look too good to eat. And Cirque de Solei tickets??!! Holy moley, you boyfriend buys the best presents, lol.

    Wanna see burlesque show outfit!

    Big love xxxx

  8. hehe thank you! yes Boy is quite skilled with the presents, for christmas last year he got me my two favourite records on vinyl and a pixies shirt!
    and although they looked it, the cupcakes were not too good to eat ;)


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