Style Icons: Dita von Teese

When I was in Melbourne recently, I bought Dita von Teese's book, one half of which is called Burlseque and the Art of the Teese, the other side Fetish and the Art of the Teese. I thought it would just be pretty pictures of Dita lounging around in some spectacular corsets, and while it does feature a lot of those photos, it also has quite interesting stuff about the history of burlesque and about fetish culture (this sounds like saying "But, I only read Playboy for the articles!". Which I guess it kind of is). Anyway, this is a long overdue post on one of my favourite performers (as always, clickez-vous on the images for information!).

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It is fabulous and perfect, in a Murder on the Orient Express kind of way. I would wear this on a train while a foppish looking gentleman lit my cigarette through an indecently long cigarette holder. This is just an amazing outfit and perfect for casual elegance.

Again, incredibly lust-worthy shoes. And she can wear the '50s style dresses without looking like a bored housewife. I so admire people that can consistently dress in the one aesthetic and look really, really good. Again, everything in this outfit matches and just looks perfectly done.

I must own this dress. That's just it.

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  1. YAY! Thanks for the nipple pasties link ;D There should be more ladies with their fun bags out, swirling tassles, hehe.
    And Dita is one of my style icons. She always looks so flawless. I think her hair and makeup is half the beauty - it's always perfect! Love her. And I want to steal your book.

  2. The book is AMAZING. The photography seriously just takes my breath away (and it is a hit with Boy, as well).
    And of course I had to link you for that article in some way or another!


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