Style Icons: Clara Bow

Called the original "it girl", silent film star Clara Bow embodies everything I love about the 1920's. She is adorable, quirky, and extremely well dressed. If there was ever an argument for red lipstick and bobs, well, I think this would be it!

I love her look in this picture - her hair, her impeccable makeup, and just the decadence of what she is wearing. People don't have enough masquerade balls anymore, in my opinion. This dress is amazing.

They're a bit hard to see in this picture, but the boots she is wearing in this picture are absolutely divine. I kind of feel like this outfit wouldn't actually be out of place wearing it today? I do have a cloche hat as a matter of fact, but it never feels like the right time to wear it.

First of all my brain almost exploded because of all the cuteness in this picture. Again, amazing shoes and, oh, the whole outfit is just gorgeous. I love how the hat and the shoes match, and I am seriously coveting the feather headdress on the doll on the right.

It's a bit hard to tell in the photo, but the expression on her face is something like "Yeah, it's gold, it's shiny, so what? I can PULL IT OFF. I am SO WEARING THIS DRESS." Or possibly something more eloquent.

SO. MANY. BOWS. = love

I am kind of leaning towards getting my hair cut into a 1920's-esque bob - it's in that kind of not-quite-long-not-quite-short stage that I think looks really awkward and I just try to wear it back. Anyway, I think Clara Bow is so gorgeous and really epitomises what an it girl should be - different, a little quirky, and very cute. I think that some so-called it girls today could stand to be a little more like a 1920's film star (i.e silent), non?




  1. Oh I just adore Clara Bow - the pictures of her look sensational.

    I used to have my haircut like that last year - I say go for it, it also grows out looking very lovely too!

  2. People definitely don't have as many masquerade balls as they should nowadays! I love 1920s fashion, so classy and beautiful. Clara Bow is lovely.

  3. miss karen - i'm so very tempted to! i might try to find a better photo of it to take to the hairdressers.
    jewelry rockstar - hope you enjoyed it!
    lilac stevens - me too, 1920s fashion is my favourite (for the moment!)

  4. Do it! I've always wanted one of those bobs, but my hair's too wavy...

  5. annie - my hair is depressingly straight, which is good for a bob but bad for me because i covet lovely wavy hair!


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