Shoe Lust

Siren "Wave" heels, $140

Siren "Waiger" heels, $130

I ♥ Billy "Bolero" flats, $60

Scooter "Comet" flats $109.95

Scooter "Parmelia" heels, $119.95

Zoe Wittner "Virgo" Gladiator Heels, $229.95

Zu "Crispin" Heels, $180

Zu "Zeal" heels, $150


  1. mmm yummy!
    those zu ones are the burberry-similar ones i was thinking of. and i looooove those scooter parmelia heels but OMG most uncomfortable heels i've ever even tried on, never mind wearing them! the heel is in totally the wrong place so it presses on your foot in a strange place and ow. i have a pair of boots like that & i wear them but man the pain the day after..
    um i hope that made sense? haha. how was your weekend love? x

  2. Those pink flats are so unique! I'd like them even better with a little heel...

  3. Gawd those shoes are fierce. I want them all!

  4. amanda - aww i love the parmelia heels! i tried on the flats but they didn't suit me. & my weekend was crap, i ended up having to go to hospital on monday because i had such bad gastro :<
    annie - i have black & white ones similar, but the pink ones are gorgeous!
    miss karen - i know! if only i had limitless money and, you know, no feeling left in my feet :P

  5. Oh my, those black shoes are just the thing to satisfy my current love of buttons.

  6. oh my god tara best site ever
    soo cheap & they do overseas shipping!

  7. em - ahhh i know! they are so adorable.
    amanda - i am there now and OH MY GOD! i'm too excited so many shoes gahhhh

  8. haha i just realised that those gojane shoes you wanted are similar to the last pair here. anyway the point of my re-commenting this post is that i tried on the waiger heels today & omg they look so awesome on, i wanttt.


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