My Birthday Wishlist!

First of all sorry for such sporadic posting, I have been really, really sick with gastro (for the second time in a month!) and so have had to come back to my parent's house in Bunbury to get better. Now, if you have heard of Bunbury (and you probably haven't) you will know that it isn't exactly the fashion capital of the world, so I have been a tad uninspired to do "What I Wore" and even "New Things" posts because of, well, lack of content. And it is a bit frustrating falling asleep every couple of hours!
But enough of the doom and gloom! It is my birthday on Sunday and as well as attending this, which I am SO EXCITED about (hopefully I will be well enough to go :< !), here are more things pleasing my eyeballs:

Clockwise, L-R: Wheels & Doll Baby "Cake Ruffle dress, HP Lovecraft for Vans Roy Lichtenstein-inspired vans, Femme Sud datebook purse, Go Jane ugly-cool (my word, not theirs!) shoes, a job at Rolling Stone, A Clockwork Orange action doll (!!!), MGMT & Southbound tickets, Paraphernalia typewriter necklace, Agent Provocateur Cheryl underwear and an Amelie Japanese movie score poster.
A bit late, but hey! And if any Perth people would like to come along to the Sugar Blue Burlesque show on August 31st, just click on where I've linked it above to find the information. Amanda is also attending!


  1. omg, I saw those Go Jane heels the other day (can't remember where..) but I FREAKED out with excitement! They're the kind of shoe that's more of an art piece though. They're awesome. By the way, I wouldn't mind your wish list too!! Here's hoping the present fairies will come visit us :))

  2. haha yes here's hoping! i had actually psyched myself up to buy the gojane shoes but then on the website they only went up to a 7! :(


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