Muxtape Tuesday!

High Fidelity is one of my favourite movies, and so I have always been a big believer in the mixtape. Especially when it's much easier to just make a playlist rather than go through all the trouble of actually making a cassette tape, it just seems so much more romantic (I may be a little biased because I have a whole box of mix tapes from my now-boyfriend). Anyway, although Muxtape can never really be the same as an actual tape, it does pretty well. So I thought I would attempt making one!

The tracks (and now! Why I picked them):

Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me: I am a big Nina Simone fan, I remember seeing Nat King Cole's daughter on a video of the Montreal Jazz festival singing it and just fell in love with the song. So I was especially happy to discover that Nina Simone did the original version.
The Cure - Pictures of You: The Cure are my favourite band, but I'd never actually heard this song (apart from live at their concert) on a CD until Boy's sister was playing a Cure CD one night. I then read somewhere that Robert Smith wrote this song after his house had burnt down, and then he found his wallet, with pictures of his wife and family intact, completely unharmed. Awww.
Ben Lee - Numb: I do like this song, but Ben Lee is mainly included because he brings back happy Splendour memories. I actually didn't see him perform this song though. Silly Tara!
Lightspeed Champion - Midnight Surprise: Lightspeed Champion was also at Splendour, but he clashed with someone... I think... anyway, we didn't end up seeing him. So this is an "I still love you, Lightspeed Champion!" tribute.
The Ordinary Boys - 9 to 5: I heard this song in the film St Trinian's (HORRIBLE movie, in a so bad it's good way, but I had only gone to see Russell Brand in it anyway) but I really love this song, even with the inclusion of Lady Sovereign, whom I usually DESPISE.
The Beatles - Twist and Shout: This is just an amazing band doing one of the best cover versions I've ever heard. I defy anyone to not get up and dance around when this song is on. It is infectious. It has inspired many a car sing-a-long, to the amusement of other drivers.
MIA - Paper Planes: I hadn't heard any MIA before her newest album, but I really must go out and get that. Warning: This song will get stuck in your head for about three days, especially now that it's on the trailer for Pineapple Express.
Etta James and the Roots Band - At Last (Live): I cannot even tell you how much I love this song. I think it will be my first dance at my wedding song (whenever that may be!). I read somewhere that this was Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's first dance song, but that has not deterred me. This live version is particularly special.
Feist - 1234 (Van She Remix): Love the original, but this remix is also pretty cool. Even though it is sort of perverted to pump up such a sweet and simple song so much.
Vampire Weekend - A-Punk: Again, showing the Splendour love. These guys were incredibly popular there, and this is my favourite Vampire Weekend song because it's just so happy and cute and nerdy.
Alphabeat - Fascination: When I worked at the children's chain of a particular clothes stores, this was on one of the CD's and was always a welcome break from the High School Musical/Hannah Montana mix that constantly played. It always kind of pumped me up a bit to keep working and not to howl in horror and hide in the storeroom when the usual music was played.




  1. I am with you on M.I.A. and Nina Simone. Can we add Marvin Gaye to the list.


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