I Want: Ruby Smallbone

Ruby Smallbone is an Australian designer who debuted her collection in 2005. I like it because her pieces are cute and kind of quirky. Ruby herself seems very unique as well - she used a pseudo-thriller short film to present her SS07/08 collection named "The Performer", of which she says "I like to play with an element of surprise and unpredictability in my designs, whether it be an unusual colour marriage or a small construction detail - something that makes the user feel inimitable and luxurious," and apparently her influences include kitsch 60's horror films (the best kind!), 70's TV glamour, and 80's rock and roll.

Here are my favourite pieces from that collection (as seen on rubysmallbone.com.au):

I am particularly crazy about the skirt in the third picture, and the dress in the second. It's such a beautiful collection (although I'm not that into the model's faux-greasy hair...). I especially like it when an Australian designer puts out such a fabulous collection, I don't know why, maybe all the Olympics patrioticism is affecting my brain.

I like some of the pieces in her older collections even more...

The first two are from the Winter 08 collection, the second two from Winter 07. I LOVE all these looks and would wear them in a second (although, I don't really go out anywhere special enough to wear these, and they are a tad too fancy for uni!).




  1. ooh that skirt is fantastic, very unique!

  2. I haven't really looked into Ruby Smallbone before - damn I wish I had now some of her pieces are lovely!

    PS I love your AA leggings from your last post, I thought they were from Romance Was Born at first because of the holographicy-fabric.

  3. amanda - YES i love it so much! unfortuantly arts student budget doesn't stretch that far...
    karen - if only they were! i love romance was born!

  4. HI, im new here!

    the dresses are lovely. i have little knowledge in 'designers'. but i love what u did here =)

  5. This sounds lame but I loved Ruby Smallbone ever since I saw Indiana Evans wear one of her dresses to the Logies. Yep.

    She also has a really cool name.

  6. superumi - thanks lovely!
    strikematch - i know, i think i heard about her in some equally lame way!


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