Hmm: A Jean Paul Gaultier Wedding?

Oh, Jean Paul Gautier, I love you. Seriously, you're like the crazy uncle I only see a couple of times a year, but who always gives me awesome presents from your round-the-world trips and drink G&T while we bitch about the family.

While said crazy uncle may not actually exist, even in my imagination I would tell Uncle Jean to BACK THE HELL OFF and let me design my own veil. Here is why:

Oh, Uncle Jean. NO. Why this might be a cool idea in theory, and I did see a very cool caged top hat (with bluebird!) in this month's Vogue, the caged veil is not in Vogue. It is not even in vogue. This or any month. I am fairly sure that if I wore this to my wedding, my husband-to-be would, well, not be. In fact, I showed Boy this picture and his first words were "What the fuck?" followed by "It looks like something from The Fifth Element," followed by more "What the hell?" and more head-shaking on his way back to play PS3. Really, most kids at one point or another cringe at their parent's wedding photos, why make it more painful for them by wearing a veil that could probably be simultaneously used for a bear trap? Talk about men being trapped into marriage LOLOLOLOLOLOL (in finitum).

What do you think? Am I the one not in vogue? Or has Jean Paul Gaultier finally had that one too many G&Ts?



  1. god i love it :) finally someone who wants to be different on her weddin day ! cute

  2. hmmm no to veil, unless I was getting married in virtual reality, or to a gaming geek.

    I do love the dress though!

  3. mr style - clearly you are the open-minded, stylish male that jean paul gaultier was envisioning :P
    miss karen - yes i do like the dress, it kind of reminds me of 90s style though...


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