Hitchcock Blondes

I was inspired to write this post because while I was in Melbourne, I attempted to conquer my phobia of large birds by being persuaded to go bird feeding in the hills with my aunty and Boy. While he was a regular Dr Doolittle Birdman type...
I was not.
And them some guy ran into the crowd of birds and it was totally like this:
Anyway, when I was looking for a suitable picture to accompany the story, I thought about how much I love Alfred Hitchcock movies. And then I thought that the reason I probably like them (apart from how good they are, obviously) is because of the infamous "Hitchcock blondes". Grace Kelly in particular. Even though they are being chased by weirdos with mother issues, being up at dizzying and phobia-inducing heights, or witnessing murders (OR DID THEY??) from windows, they always seem to look incredibly chic and poised.

Tippi Hedren in The Birds.
While The Birds is (obviously) the most scary Hitchcock movie to me, I do like Tippi Hedren. I find her kind of regally beautiful, and very much the icy blonde that Hitchcock was so fond of. I read somewhere, in a book called "The World's Meanest Directors" or something similar, that in one scene, Hitchcock actually put real birds down the front of her dress to make the scene more real, and that she was pretty badly scratched (and I can imagine quite shaky for the rest of filming).
Grace Kelly in Rear Window.
Grace Kelly is of course the epitome of a Hitchcock blonde, and in Rear Window she gets to wear some truly fabulous outfits while running around sleuthing and solving murder cases and the like. I do like how in this movie her romantic advances are rejected, I just find that funny because who would reject Grace Kelly? Especially in that divine black ballgown she's wearing? Crazy!
Kim Novak in Vertigo.
I love the outfit that she has on in the first picture, it's probably wrong to say that when it looks like she's about to fall from a building (I haven't actually seen Vertigo as I'm not a great fan of dizzying heights, and heightening another dislike into a full-blown-hate-bordering-on-phobia is probably not wise). The coat she has on in the last picture is just gorgeous - as is she!
I could never be a Hitchcock blonde, because I am neither blonde, icy or flawlessly put together, but I do have such a great admiration for their aesthetic. What do you think?

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