Garden City loves me!

Today I met up with one of my friends at one of the local shopping centres Garden City... I used to work there but haven't been back since because I'm not really a fan of big shopping 'malls'. But today I am a bit more lenient towards them because of my lovely new purchases!
Gold sequin scarf: Sportsgirl ($4.95 down from $39.99! I have wanted this scarf for ages but obviously couldn't justify 40 bucks for a sequins on material)
Shoes: Zu ($60... Looking at them I actually think Amanda has these in navy? Well anyway!)
Hope your day was good, mine was quite pleasant what with catching up with friends and finishing assignments and GETTING NEW SHOES!


  1. those shoes are super cute! gorgeous colour

  2. i love them so much! i went there all "i'm not going to spend any money on things i don't need" but when i saw these i conveniently forgot i already have two pairs of red shoes

  3. I live pretty much five minutes walk from Garden City! After visiting every day it tends to lose its excitement factor...

  4. i know, it was like that when i used to work there! do you go to murdoch?


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