All That Jazz

I know that some of you reading this share my immense love for the 1920's look, so when I found these photos on the LJ community foto_decadent, I thought I would share them! It's from Vogue Korea August 2008, and titled 'All That Jazz'. A bit photo-heavy, but I couldn't resist posting such a beautiful shoot! Enjoy...
I love these photos, although that's probably because I loved Chicago so much! My two favourites are the last one and the one of the Roxy character sitting on top of the piano. I think that mainly I am so excited by 1920's at the moment because I'm going to Sugar Blue Burlesque on my birthday (oh, did I mention that?)! Only three more days to go!


  1. those pictures are so hot. I'm prepared to make a temporary departure from 1964 and head straight to the 20s for some roaring jazz and flapper delights!

  2. amanda - i know! i guess its not exactly an original idea, since its based on chicago, but i love it anyway.
    miss karen - how gorgeous are the dresses they're wearing in front of the mirror? i just want to do the charleston now.

  3. Oh wow, love these photographs!! I love the style of the 1920s :)

  4. annie & dapper kid - how could you NOT love the 1920s? if i could pick any era to live in, the 20s would be in the top three!

  5. Yeah, I'm a fan of the 20's too. I love the glamour, sparkle, lace and general femininity. The ROxy one is my favourite too.

    And I actually havent seen Chicago! But now I think I should... :P

  6. yes you must see chicago! even if you're not a huge fan of musicals the style and the set designs are amazing.


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